Month: September 2017

Cambodia Travel Tips

A Complete Guide for Traveling Around Cambodia

Cambodia. What strikes your mind the moment you hear Cambodia? Phnom Penh, the capital city? The Famous Angkor Wat Complex? Or the cultural aspect of this amazing country? Maybe you might have never even heard of Cambodia (South East Asia). I certainly didn’t know about this country 5-6 years ago and it’s a shame because …

Kerala Itinerary

Munnar to Kovalam in 14 Days: My Impromptu Solo Trip to Kerala

Duration: 14 days Expenditure: 10000/- INR   God’s own country. That is how Kerala described to everyone who has ever asked about it. I always wondered why people say this just about Kerala, isn’t the entire world God’s own creation? However, once I started exploring this beautiful state, I realized how true those words really …