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Kasol Guide

Expenditure in Kasol:  4,000/- INR

Duration: 4 Days


Kasol Travel Guide


Ask anyone about Kasol and they would start gushing about how beautiful is the Parvati valley or how dope is the weed here. Kasol is more famous as a stoner’s paradise and people are more aware of the parties and the oh-so-amazing weed over here.


Kasol to Kheerganga


But Kasol is more than just a place to get stoned, it is a place where you can finally unravel your wings and experience the beauty of Mother Nature.

You might laugh at us and think we are delirious but trust us, Kasol is the ultimate place to witness the charms of the valley and the grandness of the mountains and you don’t need to get high to experience that.

Kasol is surrounded by so many beautiful places and acts as a central hub for all of them. So if you want to get lost in the unknowns and witness the overwhelming beauty of the mountains, then Kasol is the place for you.

Still not convinced? Then go ahead and read below about all the things that you can do in Kasol (and we haven’t included getting stoned as a reason) and let this article convince you why you need to visit this charming town now!


Places to Visit in and Around Kasol


Maybe you have heard about this place, maybe not. Not a lot of people are familiar with Kheerganga and it is a shame because it is a breathtakingly beautiful place and the trek through the forest is just a must-have experience. The trek to Kheerganga is a little hard but definitely worth it because once you reach the top and see yourself surrounded by the mountains and see the first rays of the sun touching the peak of the distant mountains, that feeling cannot be described in words. Kheerganga is the topmost reason why you need to visit Kasol now!!


Another reason to visit Kasol would be to spend a night in the beautiful valley of Tosh. While Kasol is more famous for the Parvati valley, Tosh valley is a must visit and you just have to spend a night here. This place has sweet, little colorful homes and provides you with a perfect view of the Pulga River and various meadows and glacier-covered peaks.


Tosh Route
Tosh Route


It also offers you the choice of an easy climb or a steep climb and takes around 1 hour to reach the Tosh village. Here you should camp for one night and experience the intoxicating culture of the Tosh people, then start early the next day for the Kheerganga trek. If you are looking for some offbeat place to explore, then Tosh is the place for you.


Now, you might be familiar with Malana because of the infamous hashish production over here. But trust me, this place is more than that. This isolated village is beautiful, situated on the other side of the Parvati valley. It can be only accessed by trekking or personal vehicles.

You don’t find buses traveling to this path and that is just as well since this protects Malana from getting polluted. It is a 2-3 km trek and would take you around 2-3 hours to complete it. But, the mesmerizing view from this side cannot be missed.



Malana is covered with tall mountains on its either side and the Parvati River passes in front of it, separating it from the other side of the valley. This place is not really familiar to tourists and that is what makes it even more interesting. So we urge you to go and explore this beautiful place and witness its scintillating beauty for yourself.


Located along the banks of Parvati River, Manikaran is a small town in Parvati valley and is famous for the Manikaran Gurudwara and its many hot springs. It is also filled with a lot of beautiful temples, if you are a religious person or even if not, this is a place you should definitely visit once. One of the main attractions here are the hot springs and the beautiful background which provides all the temples and the Gurudwara with an ethereal backdrop. And if you do happen to stop at this charming place, make sure you do experience the Gurudwara’s langar, the entire process is heart touching and the food is just delicious.


Manikaran, Himachal

There are a lot of fascinating and interesting stories about how this place was built and how the hot springs and the langar came into being. A definitely must-visit place, this place should definitely convince you to visit Kasol at once!


As I have already gushed about the beautiful Kasol and Parvati Valleys, I will give you a few more reasons to visit this absolutely gorgeous place.

This hill station is just filled with hippies and this place boasts of a lot of happening parties where a lot of travelers get together and meet new people and just enjoy. Another reason to visit this place would be to camp along the Parvati River and witness the beautiful full moon at night.


Kasol Market
Kasol Market


Kasol also has a beautiful market from where you can buy an assortment of stuff. You will find here cool clothing, accessories, dream catchers, etc. over here. Also, at night the street just rushes with colors which make this place even more beautiful.


Best Time to Visit

After Monsoons (September – February)

Kasol is a place you can visit at all the time of the year. And although most people tend to visit this beautiful place from May-July to escape from the summer heat, it is better to visit in monsoon. You can see the mountains covered with lush greenery and that is a gorgeous sight.

Things to Remember

Carry Cash, few ATMs available

Carry cash with you in abundance because there are only 1-2 ATMs available in Kasol. These can often be closed or charge high-interest rate. There is 1 ATM in Manikaran but chances are that it could be closed too.

So, always make sure you have enough cash for the whole trip. You won’t find a working ATM till Kullu, so don’t take the risk of not keeping enough cash with you.

Where to Bunk in Kasol

The Hosteller, Kasol (Price: INR 300/- per dorm bed)

There are many hotels and guest houses here in every range and although during most days you will find accommodation easily, it is better to book beforehand when you are planning to visit during a long weekend. We went during a long weekend and everything was full, we had to search a lot for a nice, cheap accommodation.

But our personal suggestion would be to stay at The Hosteller, Kasol. This place is everything you have been looking for, it is cheap and fun. The owners have set up a great place in its garden for you to interact with other travelers and entertain each other. They charge you pretty cheap too and offer you all the basic facilities.


Where to Eat in Kasol

Try Momos (Price: INR 60-70/- per plate) and Green apples (Price: INR 5/- per apple)

Well, you might not find a lot of places to have a proper meal over here but you would surely find a lot of continental and fast food corners here. Momos are extremely famous here and it would be a shame if you don’t try it once. Also, don’t forget to try the green apples once here, they are delicious and cheap. You could also stock up on the green apples and other fruits for your trekking, trust us it is the best way to conserve your energy and is extremely delicious and a healthy food alternative too.


How to Reach Kasol

Now you might wonder how to reach Kasol and then these other mind-blowing places. Worry not, we are going to cover that too, we certainly don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money on taxis now, do we?


Reaching Bhuntar

Price: Ordinary Bus – INR 620/-, Semi-Deluxe/Volvo – INR 1000/- and INR 1300/-
Website: http://www.hrtchp.com/hrtctickets/

There are no direct buses to Kasol. You will have to either reach Bhuntar or Kullu and then take a bus from there to Kasol.



You can take private buses to Bhuntar or Kullu or you can take the Himachal bus services. Just go to the website which we have mentioned. We took an ordinary government bus which cost us 1200 INR for the whole to and fro journey.


Bhuntar to Kasol

Price: Bus – INR 50/-, Cab –  INR 1500/- to 2000/-

Once you have reached Bhuntar, you will find the options for both the buses and cabs. Buses will obviously be cheaper. costing you somewhere around 50 INR per person. However, they tend to take 3-4 hours to reach Kasol so if you are short on time, we would advise against it.

A cab would cost you around 1500 INR for 7 people which you can share with other travelers. At least, that is what we did. It took us just 2 hours to reach from Bhuntar to Kasol and cost us around 200 INR per person.  And hey, we made new friends on the way too! 😀

Kasol to Malana

Price: Bus – INR 10/-

If you plan to do a trek to Malana, then you can easily catch a bus till Jari and get down at the water plant before Jari. This is the path to take for Malana. There is a bus going to Jari in every 15-20 minutes from the Kasol market. The bus will cost you barely 10 bucks and would take around 20-30 minutes to reach the Malana stop. But just a fair warning, you won’t see a lot of vehicles on this path so if you plan to trek remember you won’t be able to give up in between.


Kasol to Manikaran

Price: Bus – INR 5/-

To reach Manikaran, you can again take a bus from the Kasol market. The frequency is something like 1 bus every 30 minutes. The price for this bus would be around 5 INR per person, taking 20 minutes to reach.


Manikaran to Barshaini

Price: Bus – INR 20/-, Cab –  INR 400/- to 500/-

Again, you will find a bus from Manikaran to Barshaini which will take 2 hours to reach your destination. The frequency is again 1 bus in 30-45 minutes. But if you don’t have time then you can again hire a cab too. It cost us 400 INR for 4 people in total and we reached Barshaini in just 1 hour.

Buses are obviously a cheaper option bus sometimes, you have to wait for a bus indefinitely so think before making a choice.


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I was transferring the pictures yesterday from my phone to the laptop when I stumbled upon this one. . The power of old pictures. It was such a refreshing moment that it almost felt real. I could imagine myself being lost in the Parvati valley, amidst the waves of the rivers and its gushing sound, where I and three of my friends were standing on the bridge and then started running from one corner to another to find the ATM or a bus or a cab or food with meagre cash. I could imagine us meeting the major uncle who helped us cross the giant rocks and flowing waterfalls. I imagined us taking a hot bath in the springs after a long trek and talking to Israelis over there. I also imagined us sitting near to the bonfire where we had tea and Maggie and were also shivering hard due to the cold. The power of old pictures. I lived the days that were spent in Kasol in just few minutes, all over again. #traveldiaires2016 #kasol #kheerganga #himachal

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Barshaini to Tosh/Kheerganga

So, now that you have reached Barshaini it is easier to reach Tosh. You just need to walk for some 3-4 Kms to reach the Tosh village. Basically, Barshaini forks into three paths. One leading to Tosh and the other two leading to Kheerganga.


Barshaini to Kheerganga/Tosh
Barshaini to Kheerganga/Tosh


You won’t be able to take a vehicle to Kheerganga and would need to walk the whole way. But for Tosh, you can take a cab or your own personal vehicle. Personally, we recommend you to trek through this way as it offers some amazing views on the way.


Barshaini to Bhuntar/Kullu

Price: Bus – INR 50/- to INR 100/-, Cab –  INR 1900/-

For the return journey, you would find a direct bus leaving from Barshaini but just know that it would take around 4 hours to reach Bhuntar and further longer for Kullu. Also, only 1 bus leaves in every 1 hour so if you are in a hurry, it would be a bad idea really.

We were late from our climb down and reached Barshaini at 2 p.m. Our bus was at 5.30 p.m. from Kullu so, we opted for a cab. The cab driver took 1900 INR for the journey from Barshiani to Kullu and dropped us in just 2 hours. Sounds incredible right?

But seriously our cab driver was amazing and he was quite fun too. So, basically we reached Kullu before time and it cost all of us 475 INR each. I know it is a lot but sometimes, it is the memories and not the money which you remember.


We love answering questions. If you are planning a visit here, do let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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      Hi Akshay,

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      Yes, June is a good time to visit. My suggestion to you would be to go to Tosh and camp there for a day. From there, next day you can leave for Kheergangna, however, we recently got to know that the camping in Kheerganga has been shut down. So, you can come back to Kasol/Tosh on the same day.

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