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Places in Seychelles

Seychelles is a well-known honeymoon destination in South West Africa. But, what it is even more popular is for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque beaches. People come here to relax and get lost in its beauty. And while there are numerous places in Seychelles to make you speechless, there are a few which will make you wish that you didn’t have to leave so soon.

When I decided to visit Seychelles and its 3 main islands: Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, I didn’t have a clue about the places over here. I just made a rough list of places that looked interesting and might be worth a visit. But now that I have visited these amazing islands, I know which places must not be missed here.

Top Places in Seychelles to Visit

Sunset Beach


Mahe, Places in Seychelles
Sunset Beach


If we are discussing the most amazing island country in this world, then it is only fair that we start with one of the best beaches here. Sunset Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Seychelles which I had the honor of visiting.

This place is taken straight out of a fairytale and is a perfect spot to catch a gorgeous sunset. You could easily spend here a couple of hours, just wading in the sea and enjoy a nice picnic here. And, the entry is free! So, you don’t have to worry about being charged if you don’t actually stay at this beachside hotel. 

Just take the bus and head to this beach on Mahe island whenever you are craving some alone time! And trust me, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Morne Blanc Trail

Morne Blanc Viewpoint, Best Places in Seychelles
Morne Blanc Viewpoint

I am not a big fan of trekking or hiking but Morne Blanc Trail is unlike any other hiking spots I had ever been to. While the path is straight through a forest and requires a little climbing at some points, it is fairly easy to accomplish and barely takes an hour to cover. 

And once you do, you are greeted with the most amazing view ever! From here, I could see the entire Eastern Coast of Mahe island. Well, and what a sight it was. This is truly one of the few places in Seychelles where you can enjoy an unadulterated, clear view of the Mahe island coast. 

I certainly took my time in appreciating the view and chatted to a lot of travelers on the way too. When I was climbing up the trail, it was raining continuously so I wasn’t sure if I would see anything. Luckily, when I reached the top of the trail, the clouds had shifted to allow me to enjoy the view. At least for a little while.

Anse Georgette Beach



I am not lying when I say that this is the most gorgeous beaches on Seychelles. Yes, that’s correct! While Anse Source D’Argent happens to be the most photographed beach, Anse Georgette will definitely take your breath away. And, due to its pristine beauty, it is not easily accessible to travelers and tourists as well.

This beach lies inside the hotel Constance Lemuria and you need to reserve a spot in order to access it. And, you know what is even more amazing about this place? Well, the path to the beach lies through a golf course and it is certainly one of the biggest golf courses that I have seen till now. And the golf course itself is so mesmerizing with a small pond and everything.

But, this beach is undoubtedly the most well-maintained and cleanest beaches in Seychelles. You could easily lie down here and spend some time relaxing while taking in the amazing view which surrounds you.

Anse Source D’Argent Beach

Anse Source D'Argent, Best Places in Seychelles
Anse Source D’Argent

As I said before, Anse Source D’Argent is one of the most photographed places in Seychelles. In fact, not only Seychelles but in the entire world too. This is why a lot of people come here for their wedding/honeymoon shoots too. 

I am not kidding, but I easily saw around 3-4 couples there for their photo shoot on a single day! So, yeah it is a popular wedding shoot spot. Apart from wedding couples, this place is mostly crowded and is one of the most popular places on La Digue island.

This is because the water here is extremely clear and you have boulder-like rocks covering the beaches which makes it so beautiful to look at! So, don’t skip this beach and make sure you get a nice Instagram-worthy picture clicked here to show off too.

Anse Fourmis Beach


Anse Fourmis, Best Places in Seychelles
Anse Fourmis


I am sure that a lot of you must have come across this sole picture of Seychelles where you see a bent palm tree on the beach. Well, this is Anse Fourmis beach on La Digue Island, another must-visit place in Seychelles. 

This beach is situated at the very end of this island, after which you have to hike through the rocks to reach Anse Cocos beach. As a result, it is usually secluded and there aren’t many people chilling or relaxing here. Sounds like a perfect romantic spot, right?

La Misere Viewpoint


La Misere Viewpoint, Eden Islands, Mahe
La Misere Viewpoint


One of the first places that I saw in Seychelles was the La Misere Viewpoint. Frankly, I didn’t even know about this place. I was only lucky enough to visit it because of my host’s friend. He drove by this place and stopped for a while so that I could take in the view.

And I am so happy that he did because truly, it was a sight to behold. I saw the entire Eden islands stretched out in front of me and the Victoria city too. In fact, I also visited this place at night and saw the entire island with the lights on.

So, if you visit Mahe island, make sure you go to this spot during the daytime and the night time. It is beautiful and a unique experience and will definitely make you fall in love with Seychelles.

Anse Reunion Beach


Anse Reunion, Places in Seychelles
Sunset at Anse Reunion


Finally, Anse Reunion is yet another beach in La Digue which surprised me completely. To give you a little history, it had been raining for a couple of days when I was in Seychelles. So, apart from the first 2-3 days, I could never watch the sun going down here.

Now, this certainly made me sad because I love to capture sunsets but I still hoped to see one. While I couldn’t see the sea swallowing the sun from this beach, I did witness the most beautiful colors in the sky. And, it kept changing colors for about 10-15 minutes after the sunset too. 

This is why this is one of my favorite places in Seychelles and will always remain close to my heart. But that’s not all, I also hung out with the most amazing people here who made this place even more memorable for me.

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