Meet Radhika


Hey, I am Radhika. A 23-year-old extravert who was born in Amritsar but brought up in Delhi. I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University and work as a Business Analyst.

I did not know until few years back that my love to explore new things will turn into a passion someday as I was only accustomed to the four walls of my room as me and my family felt safe until one day I decided to step out on New Years in 2015 with my friends and felt free.

Being a girl I was always questioned of my choices, society complained of not seeing me at my home but I was clouded with the memories I made on the journey which helped me keep their negativity out-of-bounds.

Apart from this I am considered as a tom boy among my peers. I love to hog, like to read and narrate stories and I am always pumped up with excitement, after all what’s to life if not an extra bit of craziness. 🙂