Meet Radhika


Hey, I am Radhika (@unravelling_travelling). A 24-year-old extravert who is traveling the world.

I did not know until a few years back that my love to explore new things will turn into a passion someday as I was only accustomed to the four walls of my room as me and my family felt safe until one day I decided to step out on New Years in 2015 with my friends and felt free.

In the next few years, my bucket list includes things like –

  1. Getting certified as a skier
  2. Be a professional mountaineer
  3. Scuba diver
  4. Visit Raja Ampet


Quite challenging and vivid goals but well watch this space as I start ticking it one by one 🙂

Above all this, I hope this blog helps you plan your trips better and in a more economical way, and inspires you to take the step outside, like it inspires me.