Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)

Best Experience in Treebo Hotels in Old Manali

Being an avid traveler, I did not get the chance to visit Manali. So this time when Treebo Hotels asked to experience #TreeboTrippers in Old Manali and capture the location through my lens, I was really thrilled!


To give you a background on Treebo Hotels, it is not only India’s third largest budget hotel chains with 300 hotels in over 60 cities of India, but is also well-known for its hospitality.

If you ever plan to visit Old Manali, I would highly recommend you to stay in Treebo Celebritia hotel by Treebo Hotels. It will not only offer you breathtaking views, but the food they serve is mouth water tempting.


Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)
View from my Room at Treebo Celebriti


When I reached Old Manali, it was raining and was freezing cold. Fingers and toes were numb, so being welcomed by a warm bed made my day. I immediately took a hot shower and rested for an hour or two in the cozy bed. This was really peaceful as the only sound that could be heard was of the water flowing from the nearby stream.


Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)
One of the Rooms in Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)


The best part of the hotel was that at one side of my room there were snow-capped mountains and on the other a rugged road with stream gushing nearby.

But that’s not it! Traveling has two sides of the coin. At times you take bad memories as well and Treebo Hotels showed every bit of empathy and hospitality during such an incident.


Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)
Gushing River Stream at the Other Side of Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)


As I and my brother were exploring Vashisht, an old town in Manali, that is famous for its hot springs we got into a tiff with a local as we unknowingly stepped on the floor of the temple, with our shoes on. To which he started abusing us and got into a physical fight due to which, sadly, I got my phone broken. When Treebo Hotels got to know of the incident, the manager of Treebo Celebriti got more concerned than we were, for which we got numerous calls to make sure if we are okay. We also got a call from the head of Old Manali of Treebo Hotels. We were assured by them many times and they seemed more troubled than us because they were living in Manali for quite a long time and such an incident never happened before.


Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)
Picturesque Lawn of Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)


When we left from Manali the very next day, they again made sure if we are safe and if we are okay and told us that if we ever decide to visit Manali again they will plan things for us.

Well, staying in a beautiful hotel is one thing, but when you have amazing people to take care of you, you know you will keep coming back to them again and again.


Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)
Lawn at Treebo Celebriti (Old Manali)for Lunch, Breakfast


If you ever get the chance to stay at Treebo Hotels, I would love to hear your stories. Do comment below if you had any different experiences in any of the hotels.


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