Dandeli: Top 5 Interesting Things To Do Around Here

7 min read Duration: 2 days Expenditure: INR 2500/-   About Dandeli   A small town in Karnataka, Dandeli is the lesser-known paradise for all those people who love trekking and camping in the forest area. This beautiful place with its turquoise blue water provides you the perfect weekend getaway from your monotonous and laborious life and has …

Hampi Travel Guide

Hampi Travel Guide: Places to Visit and Things To Do in Hampi

7 min read Expenditure: INR 3000/- Duration: 2 days   Hampi Travel Guide Hampi is the story of a powerful kingdom and how it came to be destroyed and was hidden under the ground for many years before the archaeologists finally discovered it. Known as a World Heritage UNESCO site, Hampi tells you of the story of a …


Gokarna – A Lesser Known Paradise for the Beach Lover in You

5 min read Expenditure: INR 3,000/-  Duration: 2 Days   Gokarna Travel Guide Gokarna is the perfect place for those weekend chilling scenes. This place provides you with a tranquil environment, allowing you to introspect by giving you your me-time. With its several beaches and spellbinding panorama, you are bound to be impressed with this modest city.    …