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Seychelles Tips

15 Budget-Friendly Tips for Planning Your Seychelles Trip

8 min read Total Expenditure for Seychelles: 50,000 INR (Excluding Flights) Duration of Stay: 15 Days When I began planning my Seychelles trip, a lot of people told me that it is going to be really expensive. After they heard that I am going here for 15 days, they further tried to scare me and the information online …

Solo International Travel Tips

8 Essential Tips for Traveling Solo Internationally

6 min read In today’s world, solo traveling is becoming more popular with each passing day as people are aiming to live their own lives as they want. No one wants to wait for someone to accompany them anymore. Gone are those days when you needed at least one person to go along with you to have a …


Effective Tips To Make Your Indonesia Trip Legendary

9 min read International trips are always hard when you don’t know the language and have no idea about the place you are heading to. It becomes even more troublesome when you can’t find any information on the web too. That is exactly how our Indonesia trip started. Don’t want to repeat the same mistakes as us? Then, …