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Duration in Kinnaur – 4 to 6 days

Expenditure – INR 6,000/-

Delhi – Reckong Peo – Kalpa – Roghi (Suicide Point) – Chakha – Chitkul – Reckong Peo – Delhi

Bonus information towards the end of this blog, by the way!


Two years back, I was not aware of this breathtakingly gorgeous place – Kinnaur. It was only when I met a person back in the time during my corporate days, he told me of what all is there here in Kinnaur. He told me not just about the place but also the history. Kinnaur is close to Spiti giving you the best of both the worlds.


Below, is the guide that I followed in my 6 days trip to this place from Delhi. I have also covered the cost, where to stay, bus timings from Delhi to Kinnaur, as well as some bonus information towards the end. In these 6 days, I was able to travel in a budget to places like Kalpa, Sangla and also Chitkul.


A side note, I have NOT added Nako in the ‘places to visit’ as it is usually covered during the Spiti stretch, however, if you want visit Nako as well, there is a separate we have a Spiti guide to help you through.


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Location & Altitude


Kinnaur is located at the Northern most part of Himachal Pradesh and to reach here you have to go 240 km further from Shimla. Since this place is so far it has left the place offbeat and raw and you can get the true essence of Himalayas. Please ensure that you keep this beautiful place clean and carry back your plastic waste.

Kalpa – 2,960 metres

Sangla – 2,696 metres

Chitkul – 3,450 metres


Best Time


Kinnaur looks pretty throughout the year. I would like to experience this hill station in all the seasons, from springs to winters. Having said that, it depends on you what you would like to see. If you want to see flowers and walk through the colourful apple orchards, April is the best time to go, however, if seeing snowfall is your aim then February is the best time.

  • April to May – Flowering season
  • June to August – Apple season
  • Feb to March – Winter season


However, during the peak season do check if the roads are open because things get difficult and inaccessible during that time.


If you are planning to go to Spiti, read our guide here – Spiti Travel Guide


Kinnaur Travel Guide




Day 0 and 1: Delhi to Reckong Peo


Delhi – Chandigarh – Reckong Peo


I took an overnight HRTC bus from Delhi to Chandigarh to reach Kinnaur. I explored the little corners of Chandigarh in the morning. From Chandigarh, you can get a deluxe bus that leaves in the evening at 5:50 PM, 6 PM and 7 PM.


Alternatively, you can also take an ordinary bus directly from ISBT Kashmiri Gate of Delhi at 8 PM to Reckong Peo that takes approximately 18 hours to reach Reckong Peo. The bus fare is about INR 575/-. 


Fact: Ladies get 25% discount on their bus tickets *winks*


Reckong Peo Bus stand, Kinnaur Travel Guide
Reckong Peo Bus stand


Day 2: Reckong Peo to Chakha Trek (4500 meters)


You will reach Reckong Peo early in the morning and this is the day when the journey starts. If you want to see the peaks even more clearly away from the hustle bustle, Chakha is the perfect spot for you.


Further, you can also keep this trek optional if you do not have much time since Reckong Peo is beautiful in itself


How to Reach

It is a trek that takes approximately 2.5 hours to 3 to go uphill, however, it will only take 1.5 hours to come downhill.

My advice will begin the trek as soon as possible so you have more room to explore the place.

Tip: do carry food along with you while trekking as there are no shops in between.


Where to stay

I would suggest you find a hotel near the bus stand itself for today as the next day you would have to catch the bus that leaves for Sangla/Chitkul. Right next to the bus stop there are shops where you can ask for rooms and they also offer cheap stays. The prices mostly range between INR 400/- to INR 700/-.

You can check the website below as well for hotel booking. The best thing about this website is that you do not have to pay any amount in advance. Just reserve the room through them 🙂

Day 3: Reckong Peo to Sangla


How to Reach

From Reckong Peo two buses leave for Chitkul. One bus leaves at 9:30 AM and another one leaves at 12:00 PM. Catch any of the buses and get down at Sangla village as the village comes midway; Chitkul is approximately an hour away from Sangla.

Here, enjoy the village walk, visit the Sangla monastery and go to the nearby Kamru Village to visit the Kamru Fort which is said to be 1000 years old – one of the oldest in Himachal Pradesh. It is approximately 2-3 KMs away from Sangla Village which you can easily cover on foot. You have to also climb several steps to reach this fort. Upon reaching, the inspector (guard) here will give you a Kinnauri cap and will tie a cloth around your waist before entering the fort. The fort has a wooden balcony and has an idol of Kamakhya Devi.

Also, note that women who are on their menstrual cycle are not allowed to enter the fort.


If you want a detailed guide on Chitkul and Sangla, you can read our guide here – Chitkul Travel Guide




Day 4: Sangla to Chitkul


Note: There is no network here except for BSNL

Chitkul is so breath-taking that I just don’t have any words for this place. The civilization has increased 10 folds here though. Two years back there were hardly any hotels, however, now if there will be no problem in finding one, and the hotels are so gorgeous – they have graffitis and creative painting painted on it.

Fact: Don’t miss India’s akhri dabha (food corner) here


How to Reach

Catch the same bus that leaves from Reckong Peo and goes to Chitkul which will take 45 minutes to an hour.


Where to Stay

If you want to stay in Chitkul, you can stay in Zostel, however, I chose to stay in the nearby village called Batseri, as it offered secluded views away from the tourists. In Batseri I stayed in Hotel Batseri that offers luxury stay and epic views of the valley. You can also get a hot shower, free wifi, and restaurant right inside the hotel.



If you are looking for other economical accommodations you can check the website below. The best thing about this website is that you do not have to pay any amount in advance. Just reserve the room through them 🙂

Day 5: Chitkul to Reckong Peo to Kalpa to Suicide Point


How to Reach

Again, there are two buses that leave from Chitkul, one at 12 PM and other at 2 PM. In accordance with me, it will be best to take the 12 PM bus since you have enough time to explore Kalpa and Roghi Village.


Things to Do

After returning to Reckong Peo, head towards Kalpa. You can easily get a bus from Reckong Peo bus stand for Kalpa, or hire a cab. Kalpa is 15 minutes away from Peo.

Kalpa is really really gorgeous! It comprises of monasteries and temples and from here on you can walk through the apple orchards to go to the Suicide Point near Roghi Village.

Just ask around the walking route from Kalpa to Suicide point, it hardly takes 15 minutes.

Tip: We went to the extreme end of the road of the Suicide point to get the famous Instagram picture kind of feels.


Where to Stay

I really wanted to stay at a place which is cozy and offers perfect views of the Kinner Kailash. One such place was Kalpa Deshang. The rooms were cozy and from the balcony itself, we were able to enjoy the whole of Kalpa. The rooms were comfortable and hot water was available as well which is essential when you are travelling to a colder region. In fact, the hotel has a restaurant as well with well served and fresh food at your service. You can visit their website to know more about their prices.

Although there are several homestays where you can stay just for INR 500 bucks. So if you are traveling on a budget consider booking a room at a homestay.



Day 6: Reckong Peo to Delhi


Well, again either you can take a direct bus to Delhi which leaves in the morning or take a deluxe bus at 1:30 PM that will drop you off till Chandigarh. The last bus that leaves Peo is at 6 PM for Shimla. If you want to spend a little more time, consider taking this bus and then taking another bus for Delhi from Shimla. The frequency of buses from Shimla to Delhi is good.


Planning a Solo Trip to Kinnaur? Read This  – Solo Travel Tips



The Map I Followed


You will see below, that Chitkul and Sangla are a little far from Reckong Peo bus stand. So these places would need an entire day to cover, however, you can plan and visit Kalpa and places nearby easily in a day if you have less time.






Reckong Peo/Kalpa – Network connectivity of Vodafone is very weak here. There is hardly any connection of Vodafone in Reckong Peo and Kalpa. Jio works the best followed by Airtel


Sangla – Vodafone does not work here at all. Jio works the best followed by Airtel


Chitkul – Only BSNL/MTNL operates in Chitkul as it is near to the border area. Further, there will be no internet connection even if you are using BSNL/MTNL


ATMs and Petrol Pumps in Kinnaur


You would easily be able to find ATMs in Reckong Peo, and then there is another one in Sangla. Other places do not have any ATMs, so do not forget to carry cash when you leave for these places.

The same is with petrol pumps.


Accommodation in Kinnaur


Reckong Peo

I would suggest you find a hotel near the bus stand itself if you any buses to catch the next day. Right next to the bus stop there are several shops where you can ask for cheaper stays. The prices of these rooms mostly range between INR 400/- to INR 700/-.



If you want to stay in Chitkul, you can opt for Zostel. There are several homestays as well that offer a room for INR 500/-. However, I chose to stay in a nearby village called Batseri, as it offered secluded views away from the tourists. In Batseri I stayed in Hotel Batseri.



In Kalpa, I stayed in Kalpa Deshang. Here, from the balcony itself, we were able to enjoy the whole of Kalpa. This hotel has a restaurant as well with well served and fresh food at your service.

If you are looking for other economical accommodations you can check the website below. The best thing about this website is that you do not have to pay any amount in advance. Just reserve the room through them 🙂


Typical Cost


Homestays/Hotels – You will easily be able to find rooms for INR 500/- and they are decent enough for an overnight stay 

Bus cost – Bus from Delhi to Reckong Peo and vice versa costs INR 750/- and to travel in and around Kinnaur. Buses are your best friend and the most budget-friendly partner to have during the trip

Food – There is a wide number of restaurants to choose from, especially in Reckong Peo and Kalpa. A meal cost somewhere around INR 150/-


Things to Carry


Since the temperature goes down sometimes to negative, especially during the night time it will be best to have the below essentials. I am also giving links to several products that would help in your purchases. 



  • Thermal Inners: This should be your base layer and have a good quality thermal to wear for this one. Thermals trap your body heat and keep you warm. Further, they do not take that much space as well in your backpack


  • Down Jacket: Have a good warm down jacket that can withstand negative temperatures


  • Gloves/Muffler/Woollen Cap: All these are essential. During winters it is important to keep your head covered. Avoid wearing woolen gloves during the snowfall season as it traps water. Consider buying the below one – 


    • Socks: Merino wool is the best and the warmest socks that I have tried lately –



  • BSNL/MTNL Sim: If you are going to Chitkul, it will be a good idea to have these sims. Otherwise, do carry Jio or Airtel Sim
  • Power Banks/Extra Batteries




  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tooth Paste/Tooth Brush
  • Towel/Toilet Paper
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer




  • Day Pack Bag: You will be needing a small backpack whenever you are going out of your room to pack your essentials – 



  • UV Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Small Towel
  • Raincover: For your backpacks make sure you have a rain cover if you are going during the monsoon season. If you have gadgets and electronic things and your backpack is not waterproof it can damage all your necessities –


  • Slippers: Do not forget to pack good slippers. For quick errands, you will not like to wear your shoes again and again




Well, I was able to explore a few “lesser” known places in Kinnaur. It was told to me that I might be the tenth tourist to have touched this place. Not sure if it is true but it was really flattering. Haha!

I don’t have a guide for this one, it was just my lucky stars that my Kinnauri friend tagged along with me. So these places I will leave it like a puzzle for you to “explore” Kinnaur and be a traveller to discover these places on your own.


Telangi Village


We took off to a whole new route where the water pipelines were being constructed after crossing the Telangi Village. Even the village itself is beautiful, to be honest with you.

Also!!!!! There is a ghost temple here. Yes! An actual ghost temple. And it is said that the ghost is locked down in the temple and released for 12 days in the month of January so that his powers do not get accumulated.



Kande – YashkaTang – Kotang-tcho circuit


This stretch lies at the height of 4,200 meters and does not have a direct pathway to climb it. There was no one here but us. Also, there is also a place at Kotang-tcho where the villagers come and pray for their beloved ones who are no more along with them.


Kinnaur Travel Guide


Like Spiti, Kinnaur is my favorite go-to place in Himachal and I have no doubt that it will become your favorite place as well. Let me know if this blog helped you in the comments below and ask any queries. I love answering questions!


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  1. Bharat Dua

    Want to ask couple of things:

    1.What would be better, to go via chandigarh / shimla or direclt to Reckong Peo as that Bus reaches at 1500 Hrs next day?
    2. If we want to cut-short to 04 days, what can be skipped?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. nomllers

      1. I have never taken a bus from Shimla and Chandigarh. I go directly from Delhi because I know I can travel for 20 hours straight and do not get tired 🙂
      It depends on your body, how much it can take it! If you think travelling directly would be a problem then spend a day in Shimla.

      2. 4 days including travel? You can miss Chakha trek and cover both Sangla and Chitkul within a day. You can read Chitkul’s guide here –

      Hope this helps!

  2. Ayush wadh

    I have 7 days with me and my car . Me and my partner were never into main stream commercialised over populated places. Most probably heading to Kinnaur in the Third week of June this year. Any kind of permits we’d require for my private vehicle? Any places not to miss ? Should we try and cover Nako and Kaza from Spiti circuit within these 7 days or keep them for another time suduri only Spiti circuit?

    1. nomllers

      Hi Ayush

      Glad that you are visiting this place. It is beautiful! Since you are driving I think you have a lot of flexibility to cover a few extra places. I would suggest you go till Nako, as Nako is a part of Kinnaur. Kaza is very far away and that you should only cover while doing the Spiti circuit. You do not need any permit to visit Kinnaur or to get your private car. Do not miss out on Kalpa and Chitkul. You can also read our Chitkul guide here –

  3. Chitra Pandey

    Wonderful post. This blog has an amazing information about the destination of Delhi and near by places beautiful visiting spot……and captures very impressive photos.

  4. Harshal Jain

    Hi there thanks for sharing these details they were very informative. Wanted to know are there any scooty/activa rental options in Reckong peo or Sangla.
    Will it be good to cover the distance from Reckong peo to Chitkul on a scooty?

  5. harshal jain

    HI there, the post is very informative and thanks for sharing it.
    Wanted to ask couple of questions.
    1)Are there any scooty/ activa renting option either in Reckong Peo or Sangla.
    2)Would it be good to travel to chitkul form Reckong on a scooty?
    3)Any cheap stay/Dorms in Sangla for a day.

    1. nomllers

      Thank you Harshal 🙂

      1. I do not think there are. At least I did not see any stores that do so
      2. Most of the roads are in good condition but there are a few patches where a scooty might be a headache, not to forget there are also stretches where the path is a little steeper. If you are going to this place during the monsoon season then driving on a scooty will be a big no
      3. In Sangla, there is a Sangla guest house which is very cheap. For other information you can read Chitkul’s guide here –

      Hope this was helpful 🙂


    is there any local bus or any other mode of transport from sangla / chitkul to reckong peo in the early morning ?

  7. Deepinder Choudhary

    we are planning to visit kinnaur. we are driving from delhi on 4th of july 2019. can you please suggest on weather conditions in july. as i am afraid that the rain should not be a spoiler.

  8. Suresh Gambhir

    I am planning to visit kinnaur in the month of mid October. Please suggest me, is it right time to visit ? And what about the weather n temperature at that time..

    1. nomllers

      Yes Suresh 🙂 Perfect time as no landslides etc. It will be very cold though since it lies in the upper region of Himalayas, so do carry warm clothes

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