MICE, which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions, has become a popular brand of tourism in recent years.  It refers to tourism which caters to big groups assembling for corporate meetings, incentive trips, business conferences, and exhibitions. 

India in 2024 ranks among the top emerging destinations for MICE tourism in the world, with its bustling metropolitan cities contributing to the rise. Delhi as India’s capital has steadily risen through the ranks of MICE travel along with other metros like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

As corporates have grown exponentially over the last few years, so has the scope for MICE travel and travel companies offering these services.

What sets MICE tourism apart from regular tourism is its dynamic and multifaceted nature. Travelling for meetings, conferences and exhibitions requires perfect planning, attention to detail, and meticulous execution to ensure the events are successful.

Many travel agencies across India offer specialised MICE travel services to cater to the diverse needs of event organisers and corporate clients. Similarly, Delhi is the base of many travel agencies that help you plan events and perfectly execute them based on your aspirations and demands.

The top agencies boast high reputational value, years of expertise, a wide range of services, in-depth expertise, and recognition of industry. Here is a list of the top 10 best companies for MICE travel in Delhi based on client satisfaction and great reviews.


1.  Special Holidays Travel Pvt Ltd

Based in Delhi, Special Holidays has an exclusive division dedicated to MICE travel. Such focus on the field brings an edge to their efficient and high-standard services. From themed events to incentive group events, their reliable and capable team utilises state-of-the-art technology to cater to client needs.

2.  SOS Travel House

As one of the popular names in the Indian travel industry, SOS Travel House has a vast portfolio of MICE services. They have served several major corporate clients through their extensive network of operators. Their long years of travel expertise add to the seamless, tailor-made solutions they offer for a wide variety of MICE events.

3.  SOTC India

Another major name in India’s travel sector, SOTC India has garnered massive praise in the industry for its role in MICE tourism. They have been among the leaders of travel for years, which is reflected in their efficiency and skill of paying attention to details. Their creativity allows them to cater to diverse requirements and expectations to perfectly deliver on client expectations.

4.  Thrillophilia

Ranked as one of the top travel companies in India, Thrillophilia has garnered massive popularity for its MICE travel segment. Their decade-long experience in travel adds to their efficient organisation of events and experiences not just across Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai but around the world. A dedicated team of experts and specialised packages based on client needs make them a top choice for corporate events in the city.

5.     SKYHI Global Travels

Extensive experience in the MICE industry makes SKYHI one of the top choices of corporate clients across India. Their strategic locations and senior multilingual staff bring a touch of professional expertise to corporate events. They focus on perfection in the planning and execution of events through the latest technology and customised software.

6.  Global Nexus

With event management professionals boasting years of experience on their team, Global Nexus is among the top MICE players in Delhi-NCR. They have successfully organised events for corporations, government agencies, and professional associations. Get personalised organising, designing, and setting services based on your needs at nominal charges and plan the perfect event with your team.

7.  TourMyIndia

If you are looking for an organisation with vast outreach, TourMyIndia needs to be among your top choices. Their personalised services, quick creativity, and meticulous planning are incredibly popular among corporate clients. They also offer strategic partnerships with relevant brands and operators to ensure there are zero hassles for customers who seek flawless MICE experiences.

8.  Ethos Events

Get end-to-end MICE services with Ethos Events, one of the leading names in the industry in Delhi-NCR. They provide transportation, tour operators, travel agents, food and beverage services, retail outlets, accommodations, attractions and activities for a seamless MICE event for your team. Their experienced team is well-equipped for organising meetings and events on every scale.

9.  FCM Travel Solutions

For those looking for innovative solutions at cost-effective charges, FCM is the answer to all your quests for top-notch MICE services. The company is known for employing a modern, tech-based approach to finding event management solutions. Their end-to-end support to clients across different industries is simply unparalleled, which adds to their reputation as one of Delhi’s top MICE companies.

10.  Travel Designer Group

As the name suggests, Travel Designer Group offers specially-curated MICE solutions to its vast array of corporate clients. They effortlessly employ their incredible global network and top-notch industry expertise when creating unique experiences based on customer expectations. Their outcomes for MICE events are truly exceptional which showcases their specialisation of tailor-made event management solutions.

Several companies are operating in Delhi-NCR that offer seamless MICE services, so what sets these ten companies ahead is their unparalleled expertise? 

Their focus on dedicated customer services, ability to deliver specialised experiences, and unmatched attention to detail make them the leaders. From innovative solutions to different kinds of expectations to a seamless client-centric approach, these travel companies are perfect for the demands of the MICE tourism industry.

When it comes to Delhi’s position as a MICE destination, the metropolis attracts visitors with its reputation as a multicultural and diverse centre of power. Several MICE events and conferences are organised across Delhi throughout the year for businesses from differing backgrounds.

The city has the required expertise and infrastructure for hosting all kinds of meeting activities, ranging from small conferences to international conventions. So, choose the travel partner that matches your requirements and host the ultimate MICE event in Delhi.

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