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About Alleppey

One of my top favorite places till now includes Alleppey because the moment I stepped foot in this place, I felt like I was home. I am a person who doesn’t often feel like home at a place (Not even my birth city or the childhood city where I have lived for more than 10-15 years now) which is why it feels really significant when I do find a place which feels like home to me. I can literally count the number of places which have felt like home to me till now and the list is pretty short which is why when I reached Alleppey, I was ecstatic and at peace. It just felt like I have known this place all my life and I have been transported into my childhood fairy tales.




The water canals, roads lined with palm trees, water canoes moving along the backwater channels, the blue and orange hue of the sky, it all felt so surreal to me. If you love sunsets and fairy tales as much as I do then you are going to absolutely love this place. It is the perfect place to get lost and forget yourself and take the much-needed break that you so desire.

With the help of this guide, you will know how to reach this enchanting place and the amazing things that you can do here to make your stay more worthwhile. You can check out our article on Solo Trip in Kerala or Guide on Munnar and Kovalam for planning your Kerala trip better.


How To Reach Alleppey

There are several ways to reach Alleppey depending on where you are starting from. You can take either a public or a private transport to reach here.

By Air

While Alleppey doesn’t have its own airport yet, it is situated quite near to Kochi which makes it quite comfortable to take a flight to Kochi and then either take a bus or a cab to reach here. It lies just 78 km away from the Kochi Airport and can easily be reached in around 2-3 hours from the airport. There are many flights to Kochi from many major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.

By Train

You can also reach Alleppey by taking a train to the Alappuzha Railway station which is connected to a lot of cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. 

By Road

There are many private and public buses which will take you to Alleppey. If not a big fan of buses, then you can always take your own vehicle too.

Personally, I would say that it is easier to reach Kochi and then take a local bus to Alleppey which would take around 1.5 – 2 hours to reach and will cost you just 50-60 INR.


Things To Do in Alleppey

There are a number of things to do in Alleppey and feel like the king/queen of the world. If you are ever traveling to this place then I would suggest that you at least spend a week here and just enjoy yourself wholeheartedly. There are several amazing places to visit in Alleppey and trust me, you will enjoy every single moment you spend in this gorgeous place and will carry those memories with you for a long time to come.

Here are a few amazing things that you must try whenever you decide to visit Alleppey:

Watch the Sunset from the Boat Jetty Bridge

Did you ever want to travel to Venice and row in a canoe over there? If yes, then you absolutely have to walk over to the Boat Jetty Bridge and watch all the canoes and boats moving along slowly as the sun gently sets behind the river.



The bridge is built over a water canal and you will find numerous Shikaras, houseboats, and canoes lining beside the shore. And a few occasional trees and shops line the shore, giving an enchanting look to the water canal. When I first stepped foot in Alleppey and saw the sunset from the Boat Jetty bridge, I felt like I am in some magical land witnessing one of the most beautiful things ever. I am not exaggerating but it certainly felt like my life till now was building up to this moment right here. The sunset looked absolutely gorgeous and I felt like I was in a magical world.

Yes, sunsets from Boat Jetty Bridge are truly enchanting and astounding and you would do good to not miss it!

Take a Ride of Backwaters in the Shikara/Canoe

The most important experience to enjoy in Alleppey is exploring the backwaters on the shikhara or canoe. You get to wade through the narrow water channels of the backwater which is pretty exciting. I spent an evening in a Shikara, lying down on its deck, watching the sky above while the calm and serene backwater surrounded me completely. It was a blissful moment, which I can recall as clearly as if it had just occurred yesterday.


Houseboat in Alleppey
Riding in Alleppey Backwaters


Yes, it is one of the most amazing feelings ever and the whole experience is so enthralling that you would never want to leave that Shikhara/Canoe ever again. It will cost you somewhere around 150-250 INR for every hour for a ride on the Shikhara/Canoe which will be completely worth the time and money.

Spend a Night in a Houseboat

If you have visited Alleppey and never spent a night in the houseboat then you have sincerely missed out on once in a lifetime experience. Houseboats tend to be a little costly but if you visit during offseason, it can become easily affordable. Also, visiting with a large group helps greatly too. And you can end up having an amazing time on its deck.


Alleppey Houseboat
Alleppey Houseboat


They take you around the backwater in the houseboat and then anchor at the other shore of the backwater. This way you get to witness a really beautiful sunset too. And trust me, looking at the moving water while lazing around on the deck of the houseboat is the most amazing feeling ever. Also, the food served at these houseboats is quite delicious too. It will make the whole experience even more fantastic for you. 

Houseboats can cost anywhere between 1500 – 8000 INR depending on the season and the boat. However, if you book online in the low season then there are chances of cheap pricing.

Spend Time at the Alleppey Beach

Another interesting thing that you can do in Alleppey is to spend some time at the Alleppey beach. this beach has a slanting shore and a beautiful pier that looks even more radiant during the sunset.

You will find a horde of people here, spending time with their family and friends while children play with the ocean waves. Trust me, it is a really comforting and relaxing feeling and makes an amazing picnic spot. However, be careful when you are here because the waves are pretty strong here. They could easily take you away with them into the ocean.


Alleppey Beach
Alleppey Beach

Try the Kerala Dishes

Kerala is known for its delicious food and Alleppey certainly doesn’t disappoint you in that aspect. I tried many amazing Kerala dishes here like appam, puttu, and some of the most amazing fried fishes ever. Needless to say, Kerala’s cuisine has spoiled me as it was not only delicious but utterly cheap too.


Fried Fish in Lunch, Alleppey
Fried Fish in Lunch


So, don’t forget to try a variety of Kerala dishes here. I can guarantee you that you will love them all.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself Completely

The best part about Alleppey is that everyone it is super relaxed here and no need to hurry. People just enjoy their time and make the most of their day which ultimately rubs off on you. So make the most of your time here and just laze around on the beach or the boats.



You can go for walks in the morning or in the evening. Also, visit the Alleppey Lighthouse and enjoy on the beach. Trust me, you will have an amazing time floating on the backwater, relaxed and joyful.

Traveling Around in Alleppey


Personally, I love walking so I walked a lot around here, both in the morning and the evening. The beach is around 4-5 km from the backwater side and took me around an hour to reach on foot. If you aren’t a big fan of walking then there are a lot of buses and autos to take.

You can get the local buses from the Alappuzha bus stand and autos from basically anywhere. However, keep in mind that autos will always quote you a higher price. So, you would have to bargain a lot before you can get the price down.

Where To Stay in Alleppey


Kerala is an affordable place to travel to and has many reasonable guest houses and hostels to stay at. You will find a place to stay here for 200-250 INR per night, clean and safe.

I found Pepe Backpackers Bed and Breakfast via which cost me 200 INR for a room and was quite comfortable. And you can use these websites for both the houseboats and the guesthouses in Alleppey. I found a houseboat at 1,000 INR for an entire day and night on sharing basis. This also included all my meals so I would say it was a pretty great offer.

What To Eat in Alleppey


As I already said before, Alleppey offers you all the amazing Kerala dishes that you must have heard about before. So, make sure you try Appam and Puttu for breakfast. And, don’t miss out on the Fried Fish meal in the afternoon. A meal in Kerala will cost you around 100-200 INR and you will feel really full and satisfied after eating it so make sure you try authentic Kerala meals and trust me, you will never want to come back again.






Alleppey will always stay close to my heart because it wasn’t planned trip. And it felt like a place I could stay for a longer period of time. I know I am definitely going back to this enchanting place after some time. What about you?


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