Learn From Me – The Art of Content Creation, Blogging and Video Making


Want to become a blogger or an “influencer”. A person who can write an article with the proper use of SEO, connect with his/her audience on the Gram and make better videos on YouTube?

The world of social media can be overwhelming.


It is extremely rewarding too. Best part is you are not working under anyone! That was quite liberating for me. Having said that, I really want to help you too and provide you with all the strategic advices that I have been able to learn over the years.


You can directly book it on my Patreon. However, if you want to read further check the below description –



One Time Skype Session for one hour

Do you want to know how you can travel full time? I’ve been a full-time digital nomad for 2 years after quitting my corporate job. Join this tier to learn how you can do this too with proper guidance.

  • One time monthly live stream where I answer all your business queries – how to travel full time, how to earn money while traveling full time, how to grow your Insatgram account, how to start your own blog, how to grow on YouTube
  • Review your existing work and provide feedback on it
  • Identify your niche of focus 
  • I will either guide you towards resources to help or help you myself
  • Some of the previous videos where I talked about all of this briefly 



Monthly Skype Consultation 

Do you need one-on-one guidance to reach your goals faster? Join this one month program where we can evaluate your progress and I shall guide you step by step every week. If you want in depth sessions and want to track your progress as well then I will be your mentor for a month.

  • All of the above
  • 4 weekly live streams on Skype to ensure you’re on track (1 per week)
  • Media Kit decks

Are you interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at radhikasharma (@) nomllers (.) com









Cannot wait to hear from you!

– Radhika