Bali’s charm is best explained by a blend of undisputable natural beauty and hundreds of years of tradition. Simply put, there is no place like this anywhere else on earth. Coming to Bali can be described as opening your senses up to the possibility of finding a part of yourself that you don’t realise exists. The island’s magic draws all its visitors into an axis of contentment and expecting the unexpected.

Pursuing active leisure activities in Bali will leave you breathless, both figuratively and literally. The options you have are endless, depending only on your duration of visit, finances, and physical condition, but most importantly your preferences. Whatever you choose, the result will bring you towards a newer and deeper appreciation of why Bali is such a great place to visit. 

Having expectations is very human, so is to be expected when you plan your holiday in Bali. Unless you are already lucky enough to live in an island paradise, everything about Bali is going to surprise you – and in a good way. Nothing will be familiar and yet the location will somehow feel friendly and comforting. Bali is in touch with nature, but it is not an unsophisticated place where visitors have to navigate or find everything independently. Nothing should hold you back from enjoying every minute and hour spent on this magical island. 


Active leisure activities have been scientifically proven to significantly benefit mental and physical health. So why not take care of your own while on holiday in Bali? The island is ideal for anyone seeking the fulfillment of body and soul. 

1.1  YOGA

In any part of Bali, especially Ubud, Sanur, and Canggu, you will likely find yoga studios or people advertising their yoga classes. If you’ve never tried yoga before, being in Bali makes perfect sense for dipping your feet into this kind of exercise. Whatever classes you decide to take, being keen to try something new should be the spirit you carry throughout your time in Bali. Classes are available for every level, so don’t beat yourself up if your confidence sinks on your first try. Everything starts with baby steps. 


Similar to yoga, meditation is an ancient practice that long ago found its way to Bali. Technically, you don’t need a special place to meditate, as the most important space is the balance between your mind, body, and soul. Being in Bali, however, gives you the option of meditating on the beach in Sanur while listening to the crashing waves and the sound of the breeze, or in Ubud, surrounded by the lush greenery, tranquil surroundings, and chirping of the birds. Engaging your energy with nature in this manner is the perfect way to connect with your inner self. 

Yoga and meditation are often carried out together, but not always. Meditation is a personal journey of finding balance within ourselves, even without other people or someone to guide us. 


Mount Agung is the highest volcano in Bali, but you don’t need to aim to conquer the summit. There are other places to go without choosing such a strenuous task. Mount Batur is another great option, along with treks through numerous incredible waterfalls in the northern part of the island, or a morning jog at Bukit Campuhan surrounded by lush trees. All of these choices will be enough to keep your blood circulation healthy. Such a range of activities will help you to feel better, relieving any guilt from not moving around enough while on vacation. 


Swimming in the ocean is the cheapest luxury in Bali. Surrounded by water of various depths, being mindful of the waves is the only caution. If you love a bit of surfing, Seminyak, Kuta, Padang-Padang, and Balangan are excellent choices. But if you just want a peaceful swim, Sanur is recommended, as the waves there break in the middle of the sea and rarely reach the shore. Morning swimming benefits the body so, while you’re in Bali, why not make the most out of this with so much wonderful water to enjoy?


No matter which active leisure activities you choose, it is essential to replenish your energy with food. Sanur is primarily an area where you can pursue any of the activities mentioned above, as the environment is peaceful, laid-back, and away from the bustle and traffic of Canggu. 

Sanur is known as the perfect sunrise spot, so it makes sense to start your day by jogging along the promenade, doing yoga at Pantai Karang, meditating at one of the beach gazebos, or having a morning swim at the beach, then followed up by an excellent breakfast. ONBALI has researched the perfect 5 best spots for breakfast in Sanur; some are situated on the beach for your reference. You no longer have to worry about where to go as the best in Sanur has been chosen for you. 


Bali is more than just a passive leisure destination, as there are tons of active leisure activities you can choose from. The great news is that there’s no such thing as a wrong choice. Taking care of your mental and physical health while on holiday, especially on an island featuring such fantastic nature as Bali, should be celebrated and highlighted. Bali is the ideal place to balance everything in your life and shouldn’t this be the ultimate goal of any holiday? 

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