Best Desert Safari Locations Around the World

Deserts have been inseparable part of humans, animals, and plants lives ever since the world evolved. While they occupy just one-fifth of the land surface on the Earth, they exist in every part of the world.

Be it anywhere in the world, deserts are mysterious, captivating, and a destination to experience adventure, and feel the power of nature.

Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the desert landscape, go for an adventure, or seek peace and calmness, these are the best desert safari locations around the world.

Dubai Desert Safari, UAE

UAE offers several locations for an unforgettable desert safari, and Dubai is one of the best. On a Dubai Desert Safari, you will get to spot amazing animal species native to the desert such as the Arabian Oryx, sand fox, sand cat, reptiles, and Arabian Gazelle.

Feel the rush of excitement and thrill in your body with dune bashing as you glide through the dunes in an SUV. Grab a board and slide down the sand dunes, try quad biking and explore the desert landscape on your own.

Visit the camp in the desert and savour a delicious dinner, watch belly dancing, and enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere of the desert. The best time to enjoy a Dubai desert safari is from November to April.

Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, India

Thar desert is a part of the Great Indian Desert popular for its golden sand dunes, a wide array of flora and fauna, rocky terrain, and fascinating landscapes. It spans across various cities of India in the northern region, including Jaisalmer, which is one of the best desert safari places in India.

Take a camel safari and explore the enchanting desert landscapes that replete with unique flora and fauna. A beautiful camp is set in the desert that offers royal amenities and hordes of cultural experiences. The best thing about a Jaisalmer desert safari is the chance to witness the enchanting sunrise and sunset.

The safari also takes you to the nearby villages where you can interact with the locals, get to know the traditions, customs, and even buy some handicrafts. In the camp, you will watch Rajasthani folk dance and savour delicious Rajasthani cuisine. The best to visit is from October to March.

Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer
Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

Desert Safari in Wahiba Sands, Oman, Muscat

The captivating rolling sand dunes, the attractive contrasting colors, and rare desert flora and fauna make a desert safari in Wahib Sands, Oman an unforgettable experience.

The majestic Wahib Sands are perfect to explore the steep slopes and drops in a 4×4 vehicle. Along with adventure, the desert safari also offers camel riding for a leisurely experience. In the Bedouin-style camp, you can experience the traditional Omani hospitality, music, and dances.

You will love to spend an evening in the Wahi Sands sitting next to a bonfire and watching the gleaming stars. 

Bahariya Desert Safari, Egypt

Bahariya Desert is a part of the great Sahara Desert in Egypt, which is known for its sandy dunes, rocky terrains, rock formations in the shapes of pillars, mushrooms, and animals, crystal mountains, and more.

So, you can experience many different things on a Bahariya desert safari in Egypt, that you will never ever forget the charming desert. The safari starts from Cairo, and it proceeds through the rocky terrain.

You will love to witness the mystical Crystal Mountain, and the huge array of wildlife. Experiencing camping in the Bahariya desert is an opportunity to drink in the beauty of the Sahara Desert, enjoy Egyptian hospitality, and explore the mystical desert landscapes the world is enchanted with.

Kalahari Desert Safari, Africa

With a diverse range of grasslands, scrubland, dry riverbeds, mammals, reptiles, animals, and plant life, the Kalahari Desert is not actually a desert, but still worth visiting it. The reason so many living things can be seen here is because of the amount of rain it receives.

Visit the Kalahari Desert and witness amazing wildlife, soak in cultural experiences by spending time with the native tribes who have been living in the area for centuries.

You will also enjoy the rolling sand dunes, dry riverbeds known as pans, and the wilderness of the desert. In a nutshell, you will love drenching in the stark beauty and rich biodiversity of the Kalahari Desert.

Chihuahuan Desert Safari – White Sands National Monument, USA

While most of the desert locations have golden sand dunes, you can witness white sand in Chihuahuan desert. Describing the captivating beauty of this desert is not easy.

You have to explore it to witness a vast expanse of gypsum sand dunes formed of gypsum crystals due to the geographical changes occurring continuously for centuries. The gypsum sands dunes in the White Sands National Park are the largest gypsum dune field in the world.

A Chihuahuan desert safari includes a scenic drive through the white sand dunes, popular trails for hiking, and sliding down on the steep slopes standing on a plastic sled. The park has a visitor center where you can learn about the geological and ecological features of the desert.

Hunder Sand Dunes – Nubra Valley, Ladakh

The Nubra Valley in Ladakh is one of the best desert safari places in India and the world. Embarking on a Hunder Desert Safari is like taking a desert safari in the sky owing to its high altitude.

Unlike other deserts around the world that are plagued by hot and arid temperatures, the Hunder Desert offers cool temperatures and unimaginable beauty. Ride the double-humped Bactrian camels and be mesmerized by the captivating sights of the towering mountains and valleys.

You will enjoy the stark contrast between the sand dunes and the snow-capped mountains. Witness the surreal beauty of the sunrise and sunset on this safari is unforgettable moment.

Nubra Valley

So, for adventure, natural beauty, cultural experiences, warm hospitality, and delicious cuisine, these are the best safari locations around the world. Book your desert safari experience now and enrich your life with amazing moments and loads of unforgettable experiences.

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