10 Awesome Ways to Satisfy Your Wanderlust at Home

Ways to Satisfy your Wanderlust

If you have a large appetite for traveling the world and exploring new places and cultures, then being stuck at home for long periods of time can be a challenge for you. Whether your bank account cannot stretch to your dream vacation this year, or due to the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is currently facing, you may find yourself currently unable to satisfy your wanderlust.

Therefore, to make this a little easier for you, we have put together some of our top tips on how you can get the joys of traveling from the comfort of your own home and satisfy your wanderlust.

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How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust at Home

Take a Virtual Tour to Satisfy your Wanderlust

Thanks to the power of technology and the internet, there are more tools than ever before that enable you to see the world via your computer or phone screen. Online you will find a wide range of virtual museum tours, cultural events, and live nature videos so that you can virtually experience everything that the world has to offer.

Even though at this unprecedented time most of the museums all over the world are closed to the public, many of them are offering virtual tours, including London’s British Museum and New York’s Guggenheim. Zoos from all over the world are also offering a similar service with their animal live streams – and many of them are free of charge!

There are also a lot of amazing travel shows to binge on before you can start traveling again. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, then you can always take up Instagram or Google pictures about dreamy locations that you plan to visit later on.


Bring a Taste of Far Away to Your Home

One of the best things about traveling the world is the unique food and drink that you can experience on your journey. Therefore, we recommend that while you are stuck at home, this is the perfect time to recreate some of your favorites. You can bake delicious cakes, make croissants, pizzas, etc. at home.

You can take it a little further by creating signature dishes of your favorite countries. For example, if you have a favorite pasta dish from your trip to Italy or a cocktail you enjoyed on your last trip, do your research, and recreate it at home. You can even order some Kopi Luwak Coffee to be delivered to your home directly from the plantation in the heart of the Philippines’ Luwak area.

Breakfast Options at Aahana Resort
Make New Dishes at Home

Get Lost in a Travel Book

Travel books will act as a perfect resource of distraction and take you on a virtual trip. There are so many amazing travel books out there that will satisfy your wanderlust. My favourite ones are:

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Do A Travel Related Home Decor

This is the best time to go through your travel photos and be creative with it. Being stuck at home is a perfect excuse to start a new creative art project with a travel theme. Here are few of my favourite travel arts –

satisfy your wanderlustsatisfy your wanderlustsatisfy your wanderlustsatisfy your wanderlustsatisfy your wanderlustsatisfy your wanderlust

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Language Lessons

It’s never too late to learn another language. You can easily buy books to learn a new language or take an online course. Formalize the grammar or dive into the more in-depth courses. And when the world is ready to open their gates you will be able to easily fit in a new country.

For books check out – Practice Makes Perfect

satisfy your wanderlustsatisfy your wanderlust

Learn A New Skill

Always wanted to develop a new skill? Wish you could take better photos and/or videos? Thought about starting your own blog or vlog? Now is the perfect time to spend your time in all of this.  Take advantage of online courses coupled with all the extra time you have in your hands right now. Teaching English as a foreign language has historically been a great way to earn money as one travels and a TEFL qualification that is required to teach can be completed as an online course.

Listen to Travel Podcasts

If you enjoy learning about new places, then you can enjoy travel podcasts from the comfort of your own home and give you the traveling hit you are craving. Podcasts are great as you can enjoy them in the background while you do other tasks and chores around your home. Some of the most popular travel podcasts include Amateur Traveler and the Zero to Travel podcast.

Plan Your Next Trip

Just because you are stuck at home currently, it doesn’t mean that you will be forever. So, you could spend your new free time planning your trip so that you are travel-ready when it is time to start exploring again. Planning a trip is often something that we do quickly alongside our other daily commitments and responsibilities. But now you find yourself at home a lot more, you can take the time to do your research into some of the locations you have always dreamed of visiting.

From where to visit, how to get there, and where to stay, by the time travel restrictions are lifted, you can have the perfect vacation planned out. And this is a great way to temporarily satisfy your wanderlust too!

Plan a Trip to Vietnam, satisfy your wanderlust
Plan a Trip

Think About What You are Missing

Take the time to consider what it is that you are missing about traveling and try to recreate it in your own home. If you are missing being in the outdoors, then spend more time in your yard if possible, or head down to the local park if you are able. If you love exploring, then head to an area of town you have not been to before!

Bringing some of the joys of traveling to your own home will help to satisfy your wanderlust while your next vacation is on hold.

Go to a local park to satisfy your wanderlust
Go to a local park

Take Care of Future Travel Needs

Travel will never stop. It will resume sooner or later and now is the time to prepare yourself. Research and order a new travel credit card, get that broken zipper on your suitcase repaired, or review your packing list.

So, did you like our ideas? If yes, then do comment below. And let us know some of the ways you satisfy your travel cravings while staying safe at home!

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