Stay On Skill: How You Can Travel for Free Around India

Stay On Skill

In today’s world, you see so many travel bloggers and travel influencers producing amazing content for their audience. Have you ever wondered how do travel bloggers snag free stays and keep on producing great content?

Well, I am sure that you must already know about the brand and product sponsorships but guess what, this is not the only way to travel for free. Till a while back, I wasn’t sure how I am going to continue with my traveling since I didn’t have sufficient funds or enough followers on Instagram to actually attract brands and companies. And then I heard about Stay on Skill from another travel blogger and I thought there is no harm checking out.


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Because I wanted to be a superhero!!!😅 So, last weekend I camped at Pawna lake and it was such a peaceful and amazing experience. Our camp was secluded so I got to enjoy the entire shore to myself and could witness a gorgeous sunset lake. Luckily, I also got up early enough to check out the sunrise and make the the most out of my camping trip. Thanks @stayonskill for introducing me to @zelocitybyzivame @officialzivame and getting me these super comfortable leggings and active wear tops! Can't get enough of them. . . . . . . . . . . #ZelocityByZivame #StayOnSkill #Zivame #Zelocity #FitTripping#FindYourHappyMove #Trawealth #HappyMove #TravelStroke #TravelersNotebook #TravelStories #TravelTales #InstaTravel #RoadTrippin #TravelBlogger #PassionPassport #BornToTravel #LetsTravelToday #TravelAwesome #i_hobbygraphy #maharashtra_ig #maharashtra_desha #insta_maharashtra #mountainview #mountainside #nikond3300 #yourshot_india #wearetravelgirls #girlswhotravel #mypixeldiary

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So, I went to their website and learned more about their work and was honestly amazed because this was the first organization which was offering a free stay to travelers in return for their skills. But that is not all, Stay on Skill is like a medium between the travelers and the brands.

The first time I worked with Stay on Skill was for a brand campaign with Zivame Zelocity in which I got free products in return for my blogging and Instagram marketing skills. And that was definitely one of the best brand collaborations of my travel blogging life so far. Then, I was lucky enough to attend the Tirthan Valley Meetup with them and well, as they say, rest is history.

After working with them for a couple of times now, I can honestly say that they are an angel in disguise for us travelers. Trust me, if you have any skills worth sharing then you can travel with Stay On Skill and make your dreams come true too!

About Stay On Skill


Stay On Skill
Stay On Skill


Well, as I mentioned before, Stay on Skill is an organization which acts as a medium between the travelers and the rest of the world. Primarily, they started with providing free stays to the travelers in return for their skills. And the people who had extra space at their home and didn’t mind hosting a few travelers for a couple of days became the hosts for these travelers. The hosts can host the travelers from whom they are interested in learning some skills so you could say that this is a barter collaboration.

However, this is not their only role. Stay On Skill is also a popular organization among brands and product owners now so they sometimes receive an inquiry about product collaborations as well. So, they often connect the Instagram influences with these brands for a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Recently, they have started helping and promoting beautiful Homestays, hostels, and resorts all over India. They believe that the traveler community can grow together if we decide to help each other.

So, if you have a skill that you can use and share then you can definitely sign up to become a part of the SOS Tribe and benefit a lot.

How is Stay on Skill Different from Other Organizations?

One of the best things about Stay on skill is that they genuinely care about the travelers and their customers. And they don’t really pay much attention to big brands or companies. They genuinely care about traveling and so, they are always trying to help out travelers, regardless of their follower count. This is one of the things which sets them apart from other travel organizations.

Another impressive thing about SOS is that they also try to help the local businesses and companies. They search for offbeat but beautiful properties which you usually won’t come across because they aren’t present on online portals. These places are truly hidden gems and need to be marketed so that more people become aware of their existence. And that is exactly what SOS does.


Locals of Tirthan Valley
Locals of Tirthan Valley


They look out for these amazing yet hidden talents in the local community and then give their heart and soul in bringing some exposure to these marvelous places. My Tirthan Valley trip was to one such beautiful offbeat homestay which I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for the Stay on Skill. During this trip, we also talked to the locals and discussed their businesses and how we could help them out. And the team members of SOS were genuinely invested in this discussion and made a note of all our suggestions so that they could further help out the Tirthan Valley community.

So, in short, what sets SOS apart from other organizations is that they really want to help people connect and local communities grow. So, they send architectures, painters, teachers, bloggers, etc. to these local communities to help them out in exchange for a free stay. Isn’t that incredible?

Who can Apply?

As I mentioned before, they don’t care about how famous you are or how many Instagram followers you have. If you have a skill that you can teach others then you can apply to be a part of their program.

Conversely, if you are willing to learn a skill in exchange for free accommodation for the travelers then you can apply too. In the end, it is all about give and take. If you are willing to offer something useful or valuable then you will be rewarded with something equally beneficial as well.

Frankly, this is a great way to meet new people and learn more about the local culture. You can get exposure to so many different kinds of places and people which truly helps you in gaining a lot of unique experiences in your life.

How does it work?

Well, it is quite simple. You can follow these steps to become a part of the SOS tribe and benefit from their various collaborations and projects.

1. Follow their Instagram and Facebook page. This will keep you updated about all the travel opportunities so that you can directly contact them if something interests you.

2. Fill their form on Stay on Skill website and list down all your skills. This can include but is not limited to writing, cooking, dancing, singing, painting, marketing, blogging, etc. Trust me, there are several opportunities where they might need a social marketing manager or a teacher for the collaboration too.

3. If you have any upcoming travel plans, then check out the hosts who have signed up on Stay On Skill. You can search for the hosts in some really amazing locations like Ooty, Goa, Dharamshala, Jibhi, and so on.

4. Once you find a host which matches your skill set requirements, send a request to them or contact Stay On Skill to know more about it.

5. Finally, enjoy your free stay in exchange for interacting and teaching your hosts the mentioned skills. All you need to do is spend 1-2 hours in a day with your hosts and you get a free stay and amazing company in return.



Isn’t the process completely straightforward?


Stay On Skill is probably India’s first organization who has started this initiative to bring the travelers and the locals together and it is honestly a beautiful concept. This way, you learn so much about different cultures and meet so many unique and amazing people on the way.

So, if you have a skill to share and zeal to learn more then Stay On Skill is the answer for you. Trust me, this is one organization that you won’t regret getting associated with. I certainly don’t.

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4 years ago

Your article helped me alot for seeking more information about the place.
Thanks a lot!

Komal Malhotra
Komal Malhotra
4 years ago

Good read ya…i was gripped to read till the end 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Komal Malhotra

Glad you liked it Komal! 🙂

Shruti sharma
Shruti sharma
1 year ago

I am unable to connect with the Sos team .