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Why You Need To Try Couchsurfing and How?

Are you a budget traveler too? Do you love Homestays and Airbnbs too?  Then, we bring to you a few Couchsurfing tips so that you can make the most of it.


What is Couchsurfing?

 Couchsurfing meaning is quite simple, it is basically a concept in which you stay at a person’s place for a few days without needing to pay them in currency for their hospitality. That doesn’t mean that it is free and you can take advantage of your hosts, this basically means that it is a way to connect with the locals in your visiting area and learn more about their culture and history.

In Couchsurfing, you get a chance to see a place from your host’s eyes and you get a chance to teach them something about your own culture or learn a new skill from them too. It is a community which inspires other people to travel more and see more while providing a homely place for them to stay at.


Nuwara Eliya Couchsurfing Place
Nuwara Eliya Couchsurfing Place


So, if you are one of those people who love talking to new people on your journey and are always looking for ways to cut the cost of your trip while learning more about the local culture, then Couchsurfing is the best method for you. It has been made even simpler with the Couchsurfing app which you can download from the Playstore or you can just go to the Couchsurfing website and Sign Up for a new account. Fill in your profile and details and maybe get verified if you wish to. The, you just need to login to Couchsurfing and start planning your trip.

Verifying your account will not only help you in finding hosts quickly but will also show you as more trustworthy and reliable to other travelers who are looking for a local host to stay with. Yes, you heard me right! With Couchsurfing, you can not only stay at someone’s place but you can also host a traveler from another state and country. This is why it is such a dependable and amazing way to meet fellow travelers and explorers.

Apart from hosting people and getting hosted, you also have an option to just meet new people who are traveling to your area. You can meet them for a cup of coffee or make a traveling plan with them and then just hang out with each other. Isn’t this an incredible way to broaden your horizons?


Why Should You Give it a Chance?


Now, that I have explained to you clearly what does a Couchsurfing app consists of, I am sure you must be wondering what is so special about it. Why should you give it a chance?

Well, for one of the simplest reasons ever. If you love traveling as much as I do and are always interested in talking to new people on your trip then this is a great way to do that without creeping anyone out. If this reason is not enough, then I have a list of reasons that are compelling enough to make you want to try this wonderful experience.

Great way to save a few extra bucks

This is seriously a great way for budget travelers to save some money as you don’t need to book a hotel or a hostel since you will be just staying with the locals. It is similar to how you would stay and feel at a Homestay or an Airbnb but you don’t have to pay in currency. You can just pay back your hosts by getting them something to remember you by or helping them in some daily chores at home. Exchanging ideas and conversations is also a great way to pay back to your host.


Couchsurfing in Mirissa
Couchsurfing in Mirissa


Perfect for solo travelers

This is probably the best way for a solo traveler to travel for a long time in a new place. Befriending the locals will not only make you miss your home less but will also make you feel like someone is there who cares about your whereabouts because trust me, some of the hosts are really sweet and inquire about your whereabouts until you are safely back to your home.

Amazing way to meet more people

One of the best reasons to try Couchsurfing is because it is a great way to meet fellow travelers and learn about the different cultures and places. You make so many friends on the way by Couchsurfing.

You learn about the local culture

As you stay with the locals, you learn a lot about their place’s history and stories which you might have not found online.

You become a little more trusting

Let’s face it, we don’t trust anyone. We have become increasingly suspicious about your surroundings and people around us which is why it is so difficult to open up and make a deep bond with someone. Couchsurfing is the way to overcome this fear and learn to trust others more. This will certainly help you in being a little more trusting in your relationships too.

You can share the local travel cost

Another amazing reason to try Couchsurfing is because you end up meeting fellow travelers in the same area with whom you can explore your surroundings and save a few bucks by sharing the travel cost. You will be able to share a taxi or lunch or anything which might have otherwise cost you double if you were traveling alone.


Hanging Out with Fellow Travelers through Couchsurfing
Hanging Out with Fellow Travelers


Explore places not in the books

One of the best reasons to try couchsurfing is that if you stay with locals, then you are bound to learn more about the off beat places which are gorgeous and less crowded. You are less likely to find such places when you are staying in a hotel or a resort.

Hosts and travelers are really helpful

Another convincing reason to try Couchsurfing is that sometimes you might come across hosts and travelers who are really kind and helpful. They might help you with the itinerary or they might cook a delicious meal for you. In some cases, they might even buy an entrance ticket for you so that you don’t have to pay the price put up for a foreigners(Yes, I did find such amazing hosts on my journey!!).

You learn a lot on the way

Lastly, you learn so much on the way. With every traveler or host you meet, you learn something different which can really help you in growing up and becoming more self-sustained and mature.


Tips for choosing a reliable host for the first time


I know that first time is not easy and it can be a little tough to determine where to start from. We can taking randomly message someone and ask them to host us. So,how do you work this out? Thankfully, I stumbled upon the Couchsurfing app. Here, you just have to type your destination and your travel dates and it will show you a list of hosts for that particular area. So, once you have an account here, the tricky part starts in choosing an appropriate host.

I tried Couchsurfing first time for my Sri Lanka trip and I am so glad that I tried it, it was really an amazing experience and not for one second did I feel unsafe. So, here are a few things that I checked when looking for my hosts for the first time:


Check the Verified Hosts

The first thing that I looked for in the hosts is whether they had a green check next to their name or not. This means they have been verified by the Couchsurfing team and their details are true. This includes their address,nationality, phone number,etc. So, if you are trying Couchsurfing for the first time, then I would advise you to stick with the Verified Hosts only.


Get Verified in Couchsurfing app
Get Verified


Go for host with more number of references

Although it is not a definite way to find a reliable host but I thought if a person has 40 positive references, then he must be a pretty good host. So, I only looked for hosts with a lot of references as they seemed more reliable and trustworthy. However, this should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a host for yourself.


Read the positive and the negative references

The next thing which I checked is the surfer and hosts references about this person. I read a few positive references to learn what is good about the person and I checked the negative references to see what ticked off the other travelers. This is really a great way to know more about your host and travelers and can really help you in making the right decision.



Couchsurfing References
Couchsurfing References


Read the bio and get more details

Another important tip is that make sure you read about the host and their hobbies and description before you approach them. This will give you a tentative idea of how your host is and if you would be comfortable in staying with them.


Send a message and converse with the potential host

Lastly, just send them a message and talk a little before you confirm your stay. This will give you a chance to back off if you are uncomfortable or don’t think you will gel well with your host.



My first experience with Couchsurfing


I am not the most trusting person in the world which is why the idea of Couchsurfing was really terrifying to me. Also, as a solo girl traveler, I was more worried and wasn’t sure if I should do this. I doubted Couchsurfing a lot but in the end, I wanted to experience how Couchsurfing app really worked and so I took a deep breadth and made the plunge. I can’t even tell you how happy I am that I went through with it.

I got a chance to stay with some of the most amazing people on the way. I learned a lot about the Sri Lankan culture and policies. I got a chance to discuss about fate, destiny and the power of yoga and herbs. I learned how some of my hosts have become a chef and a hotel manager who were previously a Boxing champ. I got to know how sweet and welcoming the Italian people really are, even when they are in a different country. I finally understood how delicious Pasta can be!!!(I used to dislike pasta but now I love it!)


Couchsurfing in Ella
Couchsurfing in Ella


I just learnt so much from different people on this trip, from my hosts, from my fellow travelers and it was such a humbling and refreshing experience. Yes, I am still distrustful but I know that I have opened myself just a little more to the outside world. I can’t wait to try Couchsurfing again! I hope that you give this amazing experience a chance too and let yourself be blown away this world’s kindness and sincerity.

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