Mental Health Awareness – An Initiative by UM Motorcycles in Delhi

UM Motorcycle

In the past month, I had an opportunity to visit Ladakh. Being a stubborn individual that I am, I completed the entire Leh-to-Leh circuit on a motorbike despite the challenging weather it had to offer.


Even though my role as a pillion was limited, riding made me realize how refreshing it is for both the mind and the soul, to be out there in the open. Seeing things attentively as well as facing the nature out there, right in front of you. It made me realize how riding could stimulate the brain cells and help in the mental health growth.


UM Motorcyles and I collaborated on the same cause lately. I am very grateful for them to have invited me to their event that happened in the SDA Complex in Hauz Khas.


UM Motorcycle - Mental Health


UM Motorcylces through this initiative is not only helping those individuals who go through mental health problems but as well as spreading awareness in the society that there is no shame in talking about the problems us as an individual face.

After all of us, the motorbiking enthusiasts, gathered in the SDA Market, we went together on our respective bikes to the Ambience Mall in Gurugram. It was a sight to see when so many bikes in a group were speeding through the busy streets of Dilli. Not only we as bikers were in awe but seeing the amused faces of passerby was worth every bit of it.

The majority of the riders were from the ROAR community which was really inspiring that how dedicated these people are to bring the change.


UM Motorcycle - Mental Health


We moved to Golden Tulip, which was the real deal. Here the meetup happened and all of us shared our issues with each other. Everyone was willing to work towards the betterment of those who stay shut otherwise, who feel that discussing their mental sickness will lead to embarrassment and judgements. But with the help of UM Motorcycles every individual was made to realize that a small help can change a person’s life.


UM Motorcycle - Mental Health

Don’t you think? Don’t you feel the necessity to speak up when something is bothering you, and when you do all the weight lifts up? That was the exact feeling of all the 80 bikers present at the event. The panel also comprised of 4 psychological experts and each of us was made to realize that the solution to our problems is simply speaking up.


Who knew such an event could exist in a place like Delhi. Delhi is famous for its party spots and hot weather, but there are some people out there who willingly work hard, to put give back to the society.  If all of us could come forward to support the change it will work wonders for those who go through depression and trauma.

UM Motorcycle - Mental Health

So here is me, pleading you to donate for those people who are left unheard, for those who are suffering through the crisis without any helping hand extended towards them. If you want to see the change with a little help of yours UM Motorcycles could work towards helping these people.



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