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One of the most magical and fairytale-like places whose existence has been kept quiet for a while now, we all have heard about Sikkim’s beauty and magnificence but we don’t realize how deeply it truly runs. Sikkim is beautiful but it is not some ordinary kind of beauty which you could forget about.


The beauty of this place stays with you for a long time, beckoning you to come and explore it again. Once in Sikkim, you won’t even feel like you are on Earth anymore. You would feel like you are a part of all those fairy tales and fantasy books that you often read when you were young. Hell, you would feel like you are in heaven right now.


A place which will make you fall in love with traveling. A place which will bestow upon you so much kindness and love and will display in front of you so many colors that you would fall in love with your life, all over again. And if you are traveling solo it is all the more fruitful.




Although you might feel that Sikkim is a small state and so there might not be a lot to visit around this is untrue. 10 days are less to witness all the beautiful cities and valleys which this place has to offer. That is why I could only cover a few places in my 6 days trip to this amazing land but those 6 days were worth every damn penny that I paid for it.
Here are a few top places to visit in Sikkim if you are short on time and need a little magic in your life. We went to all these places on our short trip and loved every moment of it, hope you do too.

Top Places to Visit in Sikkim

North and West Sikkim




Pelling is a truly beautiful city in Sikkim with its historical palace ruins and hidden waterfalls. A peaceful town on the western side of Sikkim, this is one of the best places to visit in Sikkim to slow down for a while and enjoy the beauty around you.
It offers you many magnificent places to visit which includes the Kanchenjunga waterfalls, Wishing Lake, Sing Song bridge, Rabidentse ‘s ruins, Helipad area and so on.


You would feel like you have stepped into a fairytale and will keep wondering if it is real or not. Trust me, once you enter this place, you would not feel like leaving at all.




Make sure that you check out the Kanchenjunga waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen in India and trust me, I have seen many. You know what is the best part about this waterfall? It is that you can’t see it from the main road. This makes it truly more wonderful and enchanting once you make your way inside and stumble across this beauty.




Another place to definitely check out is the Wishing Lake. This is a worship place and has Buddhist flags strewn around. As a result, this place is quite colorful and enjoyable. As the sun sets behind the mountains and you stand near the lake to witness it, you will realize it to be one of the most beautiful moments of your life. It is magnificent, trust me.



Gangtok, Sikkim
Gangtok Mall Road


A lot of people will tell you that Gangtok is overcrowded and is one of the last places to visit in Sikkim but I beg to differ. Although it is a crowded place, it is one of the cleanest hill stations that you will ever come across. Its famous mall road is worth staying for, especially in the night, when the whole street is bathed in golden lights.
You will also find a lot of shopping and authentic Sikkimese food over here which makes it such a nice stopover. Moreover, this is the place from where you can reach the famous Tsomgo lake and the Nathula pass.


Gangtok, Sikkim
Rumtek Monastery


Apart from its cute roads and clean market area, Gangtok offers you many wondrous and amazing sites to visit. You have the famous Rumtek monastery here which is definitely worth the visit. Here, you will witness monks going on about their daily lives and will learn more about their rituals and cultures. The monastery’s architecture is beautiful and the view from this monastery is both refreshing and fun.


Apart from this famous monastery, you can also visit the Lingdum monastery which is another famous visiting spot in this city. You won’t find a lot of people visiting this place because it doesn’t come in your standard sightseeing package and unless you ask your driver to take you to this place, you are more likely to miss out on this beauty.


Ban Jhakri Waterfalls
Ban Jhakri Waterfalls
Another one of the top places to visit Sikkim, especially in Gangtok is the Ban Jhankri falls which is located inside the Ban Jhakri par. It is the perfect place to chill out and is yet another beautiful fall in Sikkim which must not be missed. Although it is not in a natural environment like the Kanchenjunga waterfalls, it is still breathtakingly beautiful. 
You also find nearby Sikkimese stalls to dress up like a Sikkimese. So, you can get your pictures clicked in the traditional outfit for just 100 INR.


The last, but not the least, you need to visit the Tip Top viewpoint, also popularly known as the Tashi Viewpoint. From here, you get to look at the various surrounding mountains. And although it is freezing cold at this point, a good hot cup of coffee can do wonders while giving you an amazing view to complement it.





The next magical place in our list is the beautiful village of Lachung which lies in the North Sikkim. This is one of those places which you just cannot miss when traveling to Sikkim. It is a small city in the northern district and simulates those tiny, magical villages which you used to hear about in Christmas stories.
With wooden houses standing in a row and pine trees decorating its small lanes, this place looks blissful when it unexpectedly receives a bout of snowfall and gives you a feeling of Christmas Eve minus the carolers and the gingerbread.
This is also the place from where you can head out further north and visit the Yumthang valley and the famous Gurudongmar lake. Honestly, this was one of my favorites places to visit in Sikkim and I would urge you to go here too.



Katao, Sikkim


One of the offbeat places to visit in Sikkim, Katao is a small village situated in the valley of Northern Sikkim. Although this is not one of the places where a lot of travelers can actually visit. And it is usually covered with a thick layer of ice which makes it difficult to reach the actual village. This place should definitely be on your list, if you want to play in the lovely snow, covering the village roads.
You won’t be able to visit the actual village most of the times due to fresh snowfall, and only army vehicles can cross these snow-laden roads. But the journey itself is wonderful and everyone should experience it once. You can go to this place by just giving 200-250 INR more to your driver who is taking you on the North Sikkim package. Just ask him to make a few hours stop at this beautiful village. Trust me, it will be the best 200 INR you have ever spent.


To know more about how to travel around these places, total budget, stay and other essential information, read our other post Exploring North and West Sikkim.


East and South Sikkim

Tsomgo Lake


One of the most enchanting and ethereal places to visit in Sikkim which looks even more magnificent when covered with snow, Tsomgo Lake is one of those few places that you should never miss out on. The snow covers this amazing place for at least 9 months a year. And, it provides you with one of those classic magical settings.
The smooth lake and adjoining mountains give you the much-needed change from your regular life and you won’t even feel like you are on earth anymore. So, whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful lake and try to witness the snowfall at this place. It is truly magical!



You can also visit the Nathula Pass and the famous Baba Mandir from this lake. And don’t forget to have a plate of hot Maggi and a hot cup of coffee at this place. You would love the warm feeling it would give you from the inside while the cold makes you shiver.



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Zuluk, a small village in Sikkim, is very close to my heart and I will go ahead and say this, that this is the place that I can visit again and again. I love it, immensely. Why, you ask? I have numerous stories about this place. Since there is poor network connection here, you can take a break from the social media too. Also, you won’t find many tourists here.


To reach this beautiful village you have to cross an entire silk route. Yes, an entire silk route. Sikkim’s Zig-Zag Road has over 100 hairpin curves. And these curves can be seen in all its might from the start of this route, stretched ahead like a cluster of wires.


Here, along with witnessing the beautiful sunset and sunrise, you can also witness the Eastern Himalayan Range along with Kanchenjunga. You can stay here in the homestays. And the people living here are so down to earth and helpful. You can talk to them all day and night but they will never run out of stories. Ever thought a place so different? Zuluk is that different and beautiful but to reach this place, you require a permit. 



Ravangla will take your breath away and I am not even kidding about it! When you will reach this place you will be awestruck, looking at the clear blue sky and clouds and lush green mountains. Then suddenly, right in the middle of this spectacular view, you will notice a 130 ft. statue, standing all tall and mighty. A statue of Buddha in all its glory.


This place is known as Buddha Park, where you can stroll around amidst the green trees and Tibetan flags and their huge prayer wheels, witnessing this statue right above and whenever you look at it, you will always need to strain your head back to take it all in. Yes, it is that massive.


Ravangala, Sikkim

Right beneath the statues, there is a room where you can sit and pray. But no, this is not just a place to pray but it also contains a lot of beautiful paintings and statues of Buddha and his life. You just need to take a walk around and you will understand and learn more about him.


In our opinion, this is the place that has a touch of life, spirituality, and beauty, all packed together that makes it a must go place in Sikkim.



Namchi, a place that has its own spiritual and cultural spark, is one of the top places to visit in Sikkim. It has a tea garden by the name Temi Tea, stretching across a large distance. Here, you will be able to observe the green and blue colors of nature which looks really surreal. If you just want to sit and get lost amidst the beauty then you have to visit this place. And, you can have a cup of chai from the many roadside vendors to enjoy with the view.


Temi Tea Garden, Namchi
Temi Tea Garden


Apart from that, you can find some peace by visiting the Char Dham and the Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir. Shirdi Sai Baba is splashed with golden color from the outside and looks immensely beautiful amidst all the green. You can also go inside the complex to pray and meditate for a while. And on the similar lines is the Namchi’s Char Dham. It has a huge statue of Lord Shiva which can also be seen from far away. There is also a café inside Char Dham where you can sit and enjoy all the beauty around.


Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass is a mountain pass where you can step into two countries at the same time. This is the place which separates India and China. So, you will see Chinese soldiers at one end of the border and Indian soldiers on the other, guarding. And sometimes (if you are lucky) you’ll witness them talking to each other.



Nathula Pass
Army Museum near Nathula


Earlier from this Pass, China and India traded goods between each other. But after the 1962 war this place was sealed, and then it got reopened in 2006. The place gets really cold and to reach this place you need a government permit. The sheer beauty of this place makes this place worth the visit. And witnessing men in uniform, keeping guard, will surely make you feel proud and happy.


So what other reason do you need now? Drive to this place is beautiful as you cross the hills, and the view is spectacular. The soldiers will greet you and you can see snow around if you visit this place during the winters.


Some places we would have loved to go but weren’t able to venture due to bad weather or offseason. But if you get a chance, do visit these gems.


Yumthang Valley

Yumthang valley, aka Valley of Flowers of Sikkim, is situated at an elevation of 3,564 meters. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sikkim. During the summer months, this place witnesses the blooming of several flowers, which makes it gorgeous. There are over 24 species of rhododendrons in its sanctuary during this time.
The place is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains and sees a lot of snowfall throughout the year. This is what makes this one of the best places to visit if you want to see fresh snowfall too. There are also many hot springs which you can enjoy. Also, the popular Teesta river flows through this valley, giving it a more magical feel. We so badly wanted to visit this place but it was closed during our time. So, if you get a chance, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Gurudongmar Lake

 This enchanting lake is one of the highest lakes in the world, situated at an altitude of 17,800 ft. This lake is a holy lake in Sikkim and there are many legends associated with it. The lake freezes during the winter time and a lot of Yaks, blue sheep, etc. surrounding it during that time. If you get a chance to visit Gurudongmar Lake, don’t miss out on it. Trust me, this place will definitely be the highlight of your trip. Unfortunately, the lake was closed during our time. But, we will certainly go back to visit this magical lake.

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