23 Best Things To Do in Goa | Top Attractions and Party Places (Updated 2020)

Things to Do in Goa

While usually, tourists visit Goa for its beaches, however, there are so many other things that you can enjoy here. From churches to forts to hills, Goa has everything that a traveler could wish to explore.

in this article, I will talk about top things to do in Goa, best party places as well as top attractions that you can visit in Goa.


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Top Things to Do in Goa and Party Places to Visit

12 Amazing Things to Do in Goa

As I mentioned before, chilling on a Goan beach is good. But there are a lot many things to do in Goa apart from relaxing on the beaches. Here is a list of things you can do in Goa to make the most of your trip to this beautiful state.


Go on a River Cruise

One of the best things to do in Goa is to take a river cruise on the Mandovi river in the evening. The river cruise from Santa Monica Boat Jetty and can last around 1 hour. The boat takes a small circuit in the river and also passes by the Deltin Royale Casino, giving you an unobstructed view of it.

The best thing about this cruise is that you can see the Panjim coast and the Nerul coast from the boat. And there is often local music and dance happening on this boat which is a great way to learn about the Goan culture.


Enjoy a Silent Party in South Goa

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*This photo is old and has been posted for entertainment purpose only, please don't take it as a motivation to travel right now. Stay home.* . . I am counting down the days till everything becomes normal again. And we can go out without having to worry about dear ones. But what is even normal anymore? Maybe, it will take a lot longer for everything to be normal or maybe we turn lucky and it ends soon. Whatever it may be, I know waiting will be worth it. Dipping my feet in the water, with the sunrays touching my skin and the wind messing up my already untidy hair, making me falling in love with this life all over again. Making me believe once again that our world is beautiful and we are so damn lucky to be living it and experiencing it again! How do you envision your first virus-free day to be?

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Did you know that apart from the clubs and bars playing loud music in Goa, there are silent parties also which happen here? In a Silent Party, you wear a Headset and then listen to the DJ’s station instead of blasting out the song for everyone to hear.

This is a unique dancing experience and ensures that no one in the vicinity is disturbed. And this usually happens in South Goa. Trust me, this is one of the best things to do in Goa for a unique experience so do head to Palolem and Canacona beach for an epic Silent party.


Indulge in Water Sports in Goa

Goa is famous for its water sports activities like Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, etc. So, one of the most important things to do in Goa is to enjoy these water sports activities.

There are several beaches both in North and South Goa that offer these activities like Colva Beach, Candolim Beach, Sinquerim Beach, etc. So, make sure that you miss out on this experience while exploring Goa.


Play Some Games at the Casino

There are a few casino clubs here where you can go and enjoy some harmless games here. One of the best and the largest casinos in Goa, Deltin Royale Casino Boat offers a 24-hours fun to its visitors in the form of different packages.

You have a few packages where you can enter and play here and a few in which you can stay at the boat and play for an entire day. However, if you can’t afford the Deltin Royale, don’t worry because there are other affordable casinos as well.


Learn Scuba Diving in Goa

As I mentioned earlier, Goa is popular for water sports activities. So, if you have always wanted to learn Scuba Diving then this is a good place to start. There are several Scuba Diving centers throughout Goa so you can choose one and complete a Scuba Diving course to explore the underwater world.


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Explore the Historical Architecture and Forts




There are a lot of historic buildings here including churches, forts, etc. So, it is only logical that apart from spending time on the beaches, you explore the historical and cultural side of Goa.

For this, you can spend a day in Old Goa and explore the numerous ruins and historical structures here.


Experience Bar Hopping in Goa

Goa has the most happening clubs and bars in India so it is only logical that you spend a night bar-hopping here. You can start by spending a couple of hours in LPK then move on to Tito’s Lane street. Here, you have a couple of places that are open till 3-4 a.m.

Make the most of your time in Goa and party like there is no tomorrow! We have listed down a few of the best party places for you to check out in Goa as well.


Relax and Sunbathe on the Beautiful Beaches

One of the best things to do in Goa is to just relax and enjoy yourself. There are so many beaches here which are secluded and quiet so there is no need to spend all your time partying or on crowded beaches.

Lay down on a sunbed and listen to the calm ocean waves along with the cool sea breeze that will envelop you in its arms. Trust me, there is nothing as refreshing as taking a quick nap on the beach on a sunbed.


Watch a Gorgeous Sunset in Goa

One of the top things to do in Goa is watching a sunset by the sea. It doesn’t matter if you watch it from a cliff or a beach, you will be dazzled either way. And it is just so relaxing and calming to watch the sun slowly descend in the ocean and then vanish from the sky.

And honestly, Goa has so many amazing sunset spots that you could easily find a quiet place to enjoy yourself. So, make sure that you make the most of the beach sunsets here and let nature do the rest.


Anjuna Beach at Sunset, Things to Do in Goa
Anjuna Beach at Sunset


Try the Local Feni at a Bar

One of the most authentic things to do in Goa is to try the local feni at one of the bars. Personally, I would recommend Joseph Bar as it will give you a complete local feel and you will also be able to meet some amazing locals here.

Feni is a local spirit produced in Goa and is available in two flavors: cashew feni and toddy palm feni. And you will get it in most of the bars and stores in Goa.


Go For a Ride in Your Rental Car/Scooty

One of my favorite things to do in Goa is to just take a long ride in the evening along the beachside. So, you can get your car/scooty out and take a long drive in the North Goa.

The road from Anjuna to Arambol is especially amazing and smooth and offers the most gorgeous beachside views.


Take a Swim in the Arabian Sea

Of course, it goes without saying that you have to take a dip in the water when in Goa. So, you can wear your swimsuit and go for a light swim here. In fact, swimming or surfing in the Arabian Sea is one of the best things to do in Goa if you are on a beach vacation.

You can also chill and play beach volleyball in the ocean with your friends to enjoy your time in Goa. But make sure you get down in the water at least once.


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Top 5 Attractions in Goa




Dudhsagar Falls

One of the most popular attractions in Goa, you have to visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls when planning a trip to Goa. This 4-tiered waterfall is the fourth tallest waterfall in India and is located around 45 km from Madgaon. There is also a railway track passing in front of the waterfall which allows the passengers to observe these glorious falls.

But if you want to see it in all its glory then go around the monsoon time. Also, you will need a car to reach the closest enclosure near the waterfall after which you would need to hike a little in order to reach the waterfall.


Sweet Water Lake (Arambol)

An offbeat place to visit in North Goa, Sweet Water Lake is just 1 km from Arambol beach. There is a fascinating story associated with this place which is why a lot of locals worship this lake and consider it sacred. But the most interesting thing about this place is that this freshwater lake is located at a distance of about 300-400 m from the ocean.

Yes, you heard me right! And the hike to this place from Arambol is pretty exciting as well. So, if you are exploring North Goa, make sure you spend some time at this beautiful freshwater lake.


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Anjuna Flea Market

One of the top attractions in Goa, Anjuna Wednesday Flea Market is a must-visit thing here. In this flea market, you will get an assortment of souvenirs to buy for your friends and family at a really cheap price.

You will find everything here, from Kerala spices to colorful saris but you need to be good at bargaining. Shopping at Anjuna flea market is a true Goan experience that you don’t want to miss out on.


Chapora Fort



Chapora Fort is one of the most popular places to visit in North Goa, all thanks to the famous Bollywood movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. But it is not just because of the movie, the landscape and the location of the Chapora Fort is exceedingly beautiful.

And you can also overlook the Chapora beach from here while enjoying a cool sea breeze which makes it such a lovely spot to visit. Although it can be slightly tiring as you have to hike around 600-700 m to reach the fort. But the panoramic view from the top is completely worth it.


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Basilica of Bom Jesus

One of the best things to do in Goa is to explore the gorgeous churches here which were built during the Portuguese colonization. And one such beauty is the Basilica of Bom Jesus which is also a popular UNESCO Heritage site.

Known to hold remains of St. Francis Xavier, this church is revered by numerous people. And its historical and cultural significance makes it one of the best places to visit in Goa.


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Hotels and Hostels

I will suggest you stay close to Fontainhas if you are planning to cover Panjim, Old Goa, and the nearby area. I personally love staying in hostels. However, I am providing three options below that you can look into with regards to your budget and comfort.


  • Budget-Friendly – Marquito’s Guest House, a highly recommended property to stay in. It is not only pocket friendly but also has a shared lounge and a garden. It also provides other facilities like free WiFi room service and currency exchange for guests.


  • Villa – Casa Tropicana Hotel & Homestays is the perfect villa! You will be blown by the beauty in and around it. The property is 1 km from the Caranzalem Beach and the Cobo Palace. There is also a balcony over here through which you can enjoy epic views.


For more options, you can search with the help of the below widget! The best part about this website is that you can reserve your room in advance, without actually paying for it (awesome!)



Private Apartments and Homes

Another great option would be to book a private apartment if you are planning to stay with your friends or family in Goa. Staying an apartment will definitely give you more freedom in terms of cooking, laundry, etc.

Thankfully, Airbnb is quite extensively used in Goa (I have used it a couple of times too!) and offers great deals to the users. You can check Airbnb stays here using this Search Box.



6 Popular Places to Party in Goa

We have been to Goa twice now and both the times, we made sure that we experienced the Goan nightlife. After all, what’s a trip to Goa without partying right?

So, here are a few of the best places to party in Goa that you can check out on your visit.


Cafe Mambo

One of the most popular clubs on the Tito’s Lane in North Goa, Cafe Mambo is perfect for everyone who wants to just party. They have two separate areas for dancing so people who feel slightly hot can enjoy the air-conditioned dancing room. And people who don’t mind the sea breeze can dance in the outside area.

But not everyone is allowed to go into Cafe Mambo so it is safe and secure for single ladies to party. And girls, you get a free entry here every day! And if you get bored of the songs then you can always head out to one of the Baga beach parties to end the night.


Tito’s Club

Another popular party place in North Goa, Tit’s Club is known for its Bollywood and themed parties. And they have an amazing dining section as well so you can enjoy a delicious meal before dancing your heart out.

They have events planned for the entire week so you can check them out and get the tickets before to get some discounts.



One of the most happening places to party in Goa, Love Passion Karma in Nerul is something you cannot skip. Situated on the banks of Nerul river, LPK Waterfront has a unique architecture made out of mud and stone which makes it an interesting place to visit.

Apart from that, you also have terracotta statues here which makes it even more charming. And the best part about this place is that you can be sure to find a decent crowd here every time. And they also have poles and cages inside to let out your inner dancer and make the most of their dance floor here.



Cohiba Club

An offbeat club in Goa which is perfect for experiencing a Goan party, Cohiba is best known for its live entertainment nights. Here, you can expect to listen to some amazing rock music and can dance away the night with the locals and strangers.

Situated on the Aguada-Siolim road, this club is away from the beach so you won’t have ocean views to accompany you. But the ambiance at this place is great and will certainly make you dance all night long.


Club Cubana

Club Cubana is a hilltop location and is one of the best places to party in Goa. Why? Well, because they have a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi in the center. And they can easily accommodate thousands of people at a time and play different genres of music in each room.

The best part about this club is that the party goes on till dawn and you get unlimited drinks to enjoy here. For ladies, Wednesday nights are the best as you can enjoy drinks on the house.


Curlies Beach Shack

One of the most laid-back party places on Anjuna beach, Curlies comes to life at night and holds the most legendary parties in North Goa. Earlier, this was the ‘IT’ place in Anjuna but it has mellowed down in recent years.

However, if you are looking to join a happening party then come here on a Monday or a Thursday.


Bonus: Sunburn Festival

If you are planning to visit Goa in December 2020, then make sure you don’t miss out on the Sunburn Festival. In the Sunburn Festival, you can party for 3 days with some amazing DJs from around the world along with super cool SFX.

Asia’s Largest Electronic Dance Music Event, the Sunburn Festival 2020 is being held from 25th to 27th December and is the best place to party in town. So, make sure you get your tickets in Advance as the booking is open now.


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So, are you ready to have an awesome time in Goa? Make sure that you try a few of the things mentioned in this article and explore new places in Goa this time.

Party Hard and have a memorable Goa trip this year!


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Hiten B
Hiten B
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I have visited GOA during monsoon season, it was awesome trips with friends, visited all the places you mentioned here in the article. Love the baga beach, nightlife, night flea market, churches, mangeshi temple. it was a really memorable trip.

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Reply to  Hiten B

Yes, Goa is definitely an amazing place to visit during monsoon time!

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Andrew Choi
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Great and Amazing blog.I really thanks for giving us better information.

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