5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dollywood

5 reasons to visit dollywood

Dollywood is one of the greatest Pigeon Forge Attractions being a remarkable destination for families given the variety the amusement theme park offers. The very amusement park was established and opened in 1986 on a much smaller scale but immense growth enabled them one of the greatest tourist attractions in Tennessee.

Dollywood is the summer highlight for many, especially for teenagers. Its fantastic versatility gives one various option to spend their time on a wide array of enjoyments. Dollywood compromises amazing food and some of the best joy rides in the whole of the United States of America.

These rides such as the FireChaser Express are regarded as one of the best in the world which reflects how brilliant of a spot the amusement park is that too at very cheap and reasonable rates.

So why should you visit the very popular Pigeon Forge Attractions? Let’s find out why.

Dollywood Theme Park


Theme Park Ride
Theme Park Ride. Photo by Matt Bowden on Unsplash

The theme park is the essence of Dollywood. When opened in 1986 it was all they had with much lesser variety but today it is a sensation. Firstly the theme today is full of Rides and different attractions.

The Theme park is the most loved out of Dollywood’s many different offerings. The rides are joyful and consist of the world’s fastest roller coasters named “Lighting Rod” which has also won a golden ticket award as the best new attraction in 2016. It is full of scares, twists, and turns.

The launch speed is up to 40 mpH which drops 165 feet into the air at a speed of 73 mpH. There comes a moment when you are in the air for 20 seconds and get to witness amazing scenery from staggering heights. Then comes “DropLine” which happens to be also one of the most renowned amusement rides in the world.

Opened first in 2017, the dropline as the name suggests drops you from what is said to be a 200-foot fall. The entire of Pigeon Forge is well seen clearly when you’re that up high in the air. The FireChaser express is also one of the most liked riders in Dollywood.

It has an impressive pace going from 0 to 16 mpH in just nearly a second. While it catches speed and altitude it goes through the part where the trains switches and moves side to side on the track. It is extremely enjoyable as it is defined as a train with no destination moving left, right and center.


Show at Dollywood
Show at Dollywood. Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

As mentioned before Dollywood has a lot of variety. The Theme Park also consists of Shows with 30 different concerts, short plays, and comedies per day. Show street Palace Theatre provides great Gospel music by the very Kingdom Heir’s group. In the combined voice of the 4 men group singing gospels and even modern music, it most definitely makes it one necessary to visit!

Then enters Dreamland Drive-In, one of the most popular shows in Dollywood. It is a remarkably nostalgic show where a time machine takes you back to the 50s and 60s using different old fashion trends and classical music used back in the old days.

The staff consists of 12 performers and 4 singers whose music will force you to get on your feet and let your legs flow into the rhythm

Festivals and Shopping

Entertainment at Dollywood
Entertainment at Dollywood. Photo by Devon Rogers on Unsplash

The festivals at Dollywood can help you build meaningful time with your friends and family. There are numerous festivals present in Dollywood. Starting with the Christmas show known as the smoky mountain which has won an award before, you will experience a very bliss-like vibe.

Stories are told of the Christmas miracle combined with hymns and songs. The parades and the lightning overall make it a very interesting and inspiring event. The Harvest and pumpkin festival is also very renowned.

Held in the September-October time period of the year with songs and gospels midst the day and a flashy light pumpkin-themed show at the night make the event what it is known for. Lastly comes the Festival of Nations which is a very grand event given the variety present. It is celebrated in March and April with food, arts, dance, music, and different shows.

Overall it is a very colorful event and is perfectly suited for hangouts with your friends. The food is exquisitely brought to you by famous international chefs making the food and the event all in one of high quality.

The Dollywood Emporium is a vast shopping arena as well with large appeal and a variety of different accessories such as shoes, hats, and clothes. Not only that but it is the best possible place to look for gifts as the amazing variety would open new doors of options. Savory food and snacks are available too to give you company while shopping.

The Infamous Water Park

Waterpark. Photo by Cemre Pacun on Unsplash

The water park or well is known as Splash country is perhaps the most fun availability at Dollywood. Let’s face it. Nothing is as amusing as diving into cold water in the summer through fast and twisty slides. The Fire Towers Fall slide throws you off from 70 feet at blistering speed, making you reach the end over 10 seconds at the major splash. The Slick Rock Racer is one of the most exciting rides of all given its competitive nature.

It is a race with 4 lines In sync and is 300 feet long. You travel through the lane at the first part until you face the major drop and increase your speed up. The last slide that needs to be checked out is most definitely the Wild river falls which are similar to the rock racer but instead, the river falls is not a race.

Dollywood Food

Food. Photo by Arthur Edelmans on Unsplash

Dollywood Food is a specialty of the entire amusement park. International chefs show up at festivals making it an event full of sweet and salt. Dollywood’s Southern Cuisine is very well known and demanded. It is at the top of the visitor’s list with fried tomatoes, chicken dipped in gravy and waffles, mac n cheese, and BBQ.

The Meatloaf is also very popular among Dollywood Food, it does not seem like the best thing to order in such an environment but the fact that is still popular speaks everything. The 25-pound apple pie is the most wanted pastry all over Dollywood. People are crazy about it which is why the Spotlight bakery is always crowded and never free of people. If the 25-pound cake is too much for you as an individual which makes sense, you can always opt for the 3-pound option.

Lastly, Frannie’s food truck makes the best-fried chicken sandwich in the whole state. Pickle juice is what makes this sandwich so demanded. There are other places you can visit to enjoy some delicious food such as the Hickory House BBQ for the best Pork Baroque or Aunt Granny’s buffet as well where Granny’s delicious food and variety lets you not leave with an unsatisfied stomach.

In all truth, Dollywood has fulfilled its potential in terms of eating items. Dollywood food is very popular in Tennessee and the variety combined with the taste attracts a lot of audiences.

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