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Duration of Auli trip – 4 days

Budget – INR 4,500/-

Delhi – Rishikesh – Auli – Joshimath – Rishikesh – Delhi


One interesting thing about Auli is that over here you will get the best of both the words – snow peaked high mountains and also apple orchards and pine trees. During winters you can enjoy snow all around the place and during summers you can get lost amidst the picturesque mountains.


This guide will answer all your questions about this place, from Auli’s weather, how to reach from Delhi, best to visit it and accommodation.


Auli is famous as a skiing spot of India, which is connected with two cable cars running – one from Joshimath and another one in Auli itself. In here, you will be able to see the snow-capped beauty of Garhwal Himalayas, along with Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet.


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5 Interesting Things to Know About Auli


There are several places to see and experience in Auli. It is a really small place and reaching from one location to another is easy. It also offers a breathtaking view of several mountains so it is easy to sit and have tea and relax. Below you will find all the details of the places you can visit in Auli. 


Highest Man Made Lake


Auli has the world’s highest man-made lake. It is so picturesque and beautiful, lying right in the middle of the slopes and high mountains. The reason behind the construction of this lake was to produce snow even during the summer time which makes it the perfect place for skiing as well as for the winter games.


360-degree view of the Himalayas, Nanda Devi


Auli provides beautiful panoramic views of the mountains from wherever you look. From here, you can see the second tallest mountain of India – Nanda Devi (the sleeping beauty), along with Mana Parbat and Dronagiri. The best part would be if you experience these hill station during the winters as the mountains are painted beautifully with snow, making it glisten amidst the sun rays.


Auli View Point


Asia’s Longest Gondola Ride, Chair Car Ride


So there are two ropeways running in Auli. One is known as Gondola – Asia’s longest ropeway that stretches from Joshimath to the skiing spot, covering a track distance of 4.15 KMs in 22 minutes and costs around INR 1000/-. The other one is the chair car ride of INR 300/- which stretches from GMNV to Auli. Another difference between the two is that Gondola is a small cubicle which is covered with glass windows; tourists stand inside it and covers a stretch of 5 KMs, however, chair car is an open stack of chairs (literally).

How thrilling, floating midair and seeing patches of snow and greenery down below you in open.


Experience Skiing amidst stunning views 


Auli is regarded as the best destination for skiing in India and one can ski here all around the season as the artificial lake here helps in making the snow during summers as well. One can ski here as a professional or as a tandem. The tandem ski costs around INR 400/- per hour per person. A person can also take a ski training program which is a 15-day program.


The best part is if you are skiing for the first time, don’t worry, you can come here and trying skiing as the trainers are always with you guiding you on how to ski.


If you wish to ski, the best place to do so would be in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Also read – Is It Safe to Travel Solo to Kashmir?



Go Trekking on well-known routes 

If you are a trek lover, you can also trek through the hidden pathways to explore the real beauty of the Garhwal hills. Below is a list of trekking spots one can go on to –

  • Auli – Gorson (3 KMs)
  • Gorson – Tali (6 KMs)
  • Tali – Chitrakantha (4 KMs)
  • Chitrakantha – Gailgarh (3 KMs)
  • Gailgarh – Kuari Pass (5 KMs)
  • Kuari Pass – Khulara (12 KMs)
  • Khulara – Tapovan (9 KMs)



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Best Time to Visit Auli


Auli’s weather month by month-

  • Winters: November to February 
  • Summers: March to June
  • Monssons: July to October


Auli can be visited all around the year, however, if you want to experience snow and cold, January and February are the best time for this. During these months Auli’s weather is colder as compared to the rest of the years. The temperature can also go in negative during the night time.

Although if you want to escape the heat of your city, you can go in May and June to this location, however, snow will be dire at this time. The other months will give you pleasant weather and picturesque sites. The temperature is moderate as well. Basically, you can go to Auli any time, it will totally depend on the purpose and kind of weather you are looking for.

But I would highly recommend you to avoid going here during the rainy season. Not only because Himalchal is prone to landslides, but also because you might be stuck in your hotel rooms due to rain showers.



How to Reach Auli


The most economical and easiest way to reach Auli is from Delhi if you are coming from far off places. A flight to Delhi from other states would be cheaper compared to the nearest airport which is Jolly Grant airport. I am discussing all the possible routes though, from Delhi or otherwise 🙂


By flight, if you are coming from outside Delhi


The nearest airport to Auli is Dehradun – Jolly Grant Airport and from here one can either take a cab to Auli or follow the bus route that I have mentioned below. A side note though, the distance between Dehradun and Auli is around 300 KMs away. So I would strongly recommend taking a flight till Delhi itself as the commute is easily available from Delhi for Uttarakhand. You can travel through the night and cover major distance till Auli.


Delhi to Auli by Road


There is no direct transportation to Auli from Delhi until you have hired your own private vehicle. Best is to reach either Rishikesh or Dehradun and take another mode of transportation from here.


Ways to Reach Rishikesh from Delhi

By train and bus

If you want to reach Dehradun via train, take Dehradun Shatabdi Express that reaches Rishikesh early in the morning. From here you can take a bus or a tourist car. I would suggest booking the train well in advance on the irctc website since the seats on trains book fast.


By bus

Buses are the best option if you are on a budget. There are no direct buses from Delhi to Auli, however, you can travel to Rishikesh overnight and then take a bus from Rishikesh to Auli which starts early in the morning.


Ways to Reach Auli from Rishikesh/Dehradun

By shared taxi

The start point to take a shared taxi is Rishikesh. You can take any mode of transport to reach Rishikesh – either a train or a bus and from here you can opt for a shared taxi. We opted for a shared cab as well from Rishikesh to Auli that cost us INR 700/- per person. However, the price can vary between INR 300/- to INR 1,000/- depending on how good you are at bargaining.


By bus

The bus leaves some time between 5-7 AM and costs somewhere around INR 300/-.

Another option could be to take a bus to Joshimath which runs more frequently from Rishikesh. Further, then from Joshimath, there are numerous routes that you can opt – bus or a cab or a cable car. The distance between Joshimath and Auli is around 16 KMs.


Joshimath to Auli by cable car


If you want the best of both the worlds, one option is to reach Joshimath from Rishikesh by following any of the routes – car, shared taxi, buses (as mentioned above). From Joshimath, you can take a cable car that costs INR 700/-. The gandola ride is the longest in the whole of Asia and definitely worth the experience.



Where to Stay


You can stay in Joshimath and travel from this place to Auli. But to really soak in the surroundings of Auli, best is to stay in Auli itself.

We booked ‘Manik hotel‘ on the spot and got a room for INR 1500/-. You will also find resorts and other expensive hotels here. However, since Auli has a limited option to stay, it is best to book beforehand during peak seasons, as well as, during extended holidays.

The best thing about this website is that you do not have to pay any amount in advance. Just reserve the room through them 🙂


Auli’s 4 Days Itinerary


While the number of days can be extended as per your preference and things you want to do. If you want to commence on treks, you will be needing more days of course. Below, I am providing the itinerary for those who want to explore only the areas in Auli.


Day 0: Begin Your Journey From Delhi


Board an overnight bus from any of the two points – ISBT Kashmiri Gate or Anand Vihar ISBT. The bus usually takes about 6 to 7 hours to reach till Rishikesh


Day 1: Rishikesh to Joshimath to Auli


Like I said above, you can follow several routes to reach Auli. You would be able to find a shared taxi easily. Buses leave early in the morning. Once we reached Rishikesh bus stand, we had a cup of tea and snacks at the dhaba which was right outside the bus stand. Although buses were available for Joshimath, we took a shared cab since it would have been faster to reach.

Note that, you will only be able to reach Auli by afternoon. So today, it would be best to relax in your hotel and soak in the surrounding viewpoints which are absolutely gorgeous.


Day 2: Cable Chair and Skiing


Today, after breakfast, go to the cable chair for a ride which will take you to a little height. From here, you will be able to see the man made lake. Walk a little towards the left and you will reach the skiing point of Auli. Even if you are not a pro at skiing, there will be guides to help you with your first experience.

Remember, it gets a little cold as you reach a height. Do carry warm clothes and jackets. You will also be able to find 2-3 food joints that serve snacks and tea.

Alternatively, if you are in Joshimath, you can take the gandola ride that takes 25 minutes to reach Auli. It directly stops at the skiing point itself.


Day 3: Explore the town and the temples


Auli is famous for its spiritual presence as well. There is a Hanuman temple here and it is believed that in Auli, Hanuman Ji rested here when he was carrying ‘Sanjvini’ herb for Laxman. Mythology says, while fighting a war in Sri Lanka, Lord Rama’s younger brother Laxman was badly hurt. Only the ‘Sanjivini’ herb would have been able to cure him and this herb was only found in the Himalayan region.


Day 4: Auli to Delhi


The bus leaves early in the morning from Auli for Rishikesh. However, here is a pro tip: If you are comfortable in a shared taxi only, best is to take the number of the driver that dropped you off to Auli on the first day and make arrangements with him to drop you off till Rishikesh as well.


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Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 1Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 2Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 3Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 4Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 5Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 6Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 7Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 8Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 9Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 10Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 11Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 12Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 13Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 14Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 15Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 16Auli Travel Guide with Itinerary - A Paradise Beholds Under INR 4.5K 9


Clothes to Wear – Checklist


Well if you are travelling here during winters the temperature goes down to as low as -8° C, thus it is essential to keep all these during that seasons, however, in summers the temperature goes up till 20° C. Below, I am providing a checklist that you should take with you in Auli, whether winters or summers.


  • Thermal Inners: This should be your base layer as it traps your body heat and keeps you warm. Although during the summer season the need for thermals is not that much. A sweater and a jacket would suffice, but during the winter season, I highly suggest you invest in this. Further, they do not take that much space as well in your backpack


  • Down Jacket: Have a good warm down jacket that is water resistant as well as withstands negative temperatures. This helps in further trapping of the heat


  • Gloves/Muffler/Woollen Cap: All these are essential, especially in winters. In colder areas, it is important to keep your head covered. Consider buying the below one – 


  • Socks: Merino wool is the best and the warmest socks that I have tried lately. You can buy merino socks from the link below –




  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Paper Soaps
  • Tooth Paste/Tooth Brush
  • Towel/Toilet Paper
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer




  • Day Pack Bag
  • UV Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Snow boots/trekking shoes – You can get snow boots and equipment for skiing from the operators only


Also read – Chadar Trek Essentials


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Wrap Up


I think Auli is the best place to go to for four days, and especially during the winters. It is not only picturesque but a perfect getaway for adventurous activities like skiing. If you are planning to go here, just go ahead with the plan without giving a second thought.


Do let us know if this guide helps you in any way, and comment below your queries, we will get back to you! 🙂


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