Italy 1 and 2 Week Itinerary – A Solo Indian Backpacker in Italy

A Perfect Backpacking Itinerary

Italy is a beautiful country. It is a home to some of the world’s greatest art and architecture, vineyards and canals.

I had 15 days with me and went to as many corners of Italy as possible. Plus, I also did sky diving over there

Below you will find the places I visited in 15 days. I have split them into two –

  • A week in Italy
  • Two Weeks in Italy

Of course, you can explore in a relaxed way and skip the places which you do not really want to see. But this Ultimate Italy Itinerary will help you plan your trip better and guide you on how you can manage to go from one place to another. It also talks about accommodation, train and bus routes, along with some important trips to have the best time in Italy.

One Week in Italy
A Perfect Backpacking Itinerary to Italy

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One Week in Italy – A Perfect Backpacking Itinerary

In my honest opinion a week in Italy is less, however, lets make the most of it for you in this limited time.

If you are curious about how to reach and other details of Italy, read our guide here – Italy Travel Guide

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The Map I Followed

This is the map I followed for the first week which will guide you from the start point which is Milan to the ending destination, Rome and back.

Rental Options

If you want to drive in Italy and have ultimate freedom in commuting then you can rent cars as well. One of the services that we use and love is by Rentalcars.

All you would need is a credit or a debit card to book it and show the voucher while picking it up.

You can also rent bikes but to have the safest trip it is essential to have a motorbike insurance to travel around without any worries.

A Week in Italy
Rental options are available if you want a complete freedom to travel in Italy

A Week in Italy

Day 1 – Reach Explore Milan

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today would be your preparation day for your rest of the trip. Arrange a sim card for yourself and soak in the streets to get comfortable to your new surroundings.


Do not miss out on pizza, wine, and gelato.

Places to Visit

  • Explore places like Piazza del Duomo where history, art, and fashion radiates
  • Visit Duomo both during the and night
  • See the Last Supper here. It is one of the famous paintings by Leonard da Vinci
  • If you are not planning to visit Venice then you can get the canal experience right here in Milan. One of the most scenic routes is along the Naviglio Della Martesana


Right outside the airport there are several airport shuttles that take 50-60 minutes to reach to the main station – Milan Centrale. From here you can take the metro lines that connect to various other parts of Milan.

  • Tickets can be bought either on board or online
  • The bus departure point is outside the airport building
  • The last bus from the airport is at 00:30 and transfers and taxis run 24/7
A Week in Italy
After reaching Milan you can hop in a metro to reach your hotel


It is always good to know a few local words to converse with people. Italians know English but feel really great when someone says a few Italian words. Some of them to remember are – “Grazie” and “Piacere” (a pleasure) and “Ciao” (bye)


There are four different cell networks in Italy – TIM, Vodafone, 3, and Wind. Vodafone and TIM have the greatest coverage. To buy a sim you need to have a passport and can be purchased in any supermarket. Further, Lycamobile is widely used in Italy and has top-up options.

For any help in Milan, you can also hire a guide on GetYourGuide

Accommodation in Milan

Milan has a wide range of both hotels and hostels. You can also couch surf here where you stay with the locals and pay nothing for it. But below are few of the recommendations –

Backpacker HostelHostel California is the cheapest dorm to stay in Milan. It offers free Wifi with a private bathroom.

Mid-range HotelHotel Midtown Milano is a good option if you want to stay in a private room. This hotel has Air conditioning, free WiFi, Heating, Dressing Room and 4-hour front desk.

Luxury – If you are game for spending money and get a luxury stay here in Italy, definitely stay in either of these – Meliá Milano, Hotel Pierre, Château Monfort

Italy Itinerary
Italy Itinerary

Day 2 and 3 – Exploring Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, also known as Italy’s fabulous five is one of the most colorful towns I have been to. It is a destination with timeless appeal and even two days is not enough to explore this place but if you have just one day to spend in Cinque Terre then here is what you need to know.

Cinque Terre has five villages namely

  • Manarola
  • Riomaggiore
  • Corniglia
  • Vernazza
  • Monterosso al Mare

You can hike here, watch sunset and sunrise along the beach, sit in café or watch the fishing boats along the coast. It will give you the actual Italy vibe with timeless appeal and one day will not justify the beauty of this place.

How to Reach Cinque Terre From Milan

Train is the best way to reach Cinque Terre. There are both direct and indirect trains to Cinque Terre from Milan.

  • Direct – Intercity trains leave Milan throughout the day and will drop you off to Monterosso, the first village of Cinque Terre
  • Indirect – You would have to change the train once or twice depending upon the route you have chosen. Mostly you would need to change at Genoa.

Regional trains are the most cost effective, however, if you want to travel fast then book Milan-Monterosso train. It is costlier compared to a regional train but you can avail a 60% off if you book it in advance.

Transportation in Cinque Terre

In Cinque Terre, there are local trains which run along the coast between the stations of La Spezia Centrale and Levanto. It stops at all the villages. For this train you can either take a Cinque Terre pass or every trip would cost you EUR 4 per trip.

A Week in Italy
Intercity and Regional trains in Italy

Accommodation in Cinque Terre

Accommodation in the Cinque Terre is expensive. So it is better if you book well in advance.

Backpacker HostelPerla del Levante Hostel is a very good budget hostel in Cinque Terre and offers free Wifi with breakfast.

Mid-range HotelAlbergo La Lampara is a good option if you want to stay in a private room. It has air-conditioned rooms and a traditional Ligurian restaurant. Plus the best part is it has a beach front.

Luxury – If you want to enjoy luxury then stay at Park Hotel Argento. It has a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and breakfast.

Day 4: Florence

Fun Fact 1 – the entire city is a Unesco World Heritage site

Fun Fact 2 – it is said that the richest family in Florence in 1427 are still the richest

If you are looking for art and romantic streets, this is the place you should visit. You can see the world-class art, sculptures, and museums of Botticelli, Michelangelo in Florence. A few of the attractions that you should not miss are the Duomo and Battistero, Ponte Vecchio, Galleria Degli Uffizi.

Further, if you have enough time then try to spend 3 days in Florence and learn more about this culturally rich city.

For any help in Florence, you can also hire a guide on GetYourGuide

A week in Italy

How to Reach Florence From Cinque Terre

There are 15 trains from Cinque Terre to Florence. There are direct trains from Cinque Terre’s La Spezia to Florence.

The first train leaves at 4:30 AM in the morning, while the last train leaves at 11:34 PM and takes about 2 hours to reach.

Accommodation in Florence

Backpacker Hostel – Hostel 7 Santi is the place I stayed in Florence. The best part of this hostel is that it is just 300 m from Firenze Campo di Marte Train Station

Mid-range Hotel – Chianti House is such a beautiful property despite being in the mid-range. It has Air conditioning, free WiFi, mountain view, city view, river view, you name it. 🙂

Luxury – Haggi’s Residence is so beautiful that you would not want to leave the property itself. you check the photos in the below link and you would agree with me.

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A Week in Italy
Florence at Night

Day 5 and 6: Rome and Vatican City

A journey into the past – that is what describes Rome perfectly. It is the capital city of Italy. The coolest fact of Rome is that there lies an independent country inside the city itself – Vatican City.

The Challenge: Rome is very crowded as a place. You would have to stand in long queues to buy tickets or see a particular place

Places to See: In a day you can easily visit Palantine Hill, Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain (A Must), Imperial Fora.

The next day, head to Vatican city on a train and explore St. Peter’s Basilica and the museums there. They are so marvellously designed, from masterpieces of painting to sculpture the most breathtaking one is Sistine Chapel.

For any help in Rome, you can also hire a guide on GetYourGuide

A Week in Italy
Colosseum – A Historical Landmark of Rome

How to Reach Rome From Florence

There are several trains from Florence to Rome every day. The fastest trains can take as little as 1.5 hours to reach Rome, on the other hand, the slowest can take up to four hours. Depending on your budget and time book the tickets accordingly and plan well because if you decide to go with the slower train and if by chance the train is crowded, standing for four hours is a task.

Read our guide here to know more about travel in Italy – Italy Backpacking Guide

Accommodation in Rome

It is better to stay in City Centre as you will have an easy access to both trains and eating spots

Backpacker HostelSunshine hostel, HostelRoma, Evening Star Termini, Two Ducks Hostel

Mid-range HotelLungotevere Suite, Sistina Spanish Steps, BDC – King Termini Apartment

LuxuryGrand Hotel Palace Rome, Baglioni Hotel Regina, Palazzo Montemartini Rome, Roma Luxus Hotel

If you want to visit other places near Rome check out this guide on How to visit Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii

Two Weeks in Italy – A Perfect Backpacking Itinerary

I spend 2 weeks in Italy, which was again very less but I was still able to make the most of it.

If you are curious about how to reach and other details of Italy, read our guide here – Italy Travel Guide

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You can also get visa consultation – iVisa

The Map I Followed

This is the map I followed in the second week. You can club the first week’s and second week’s itinerary and cover all the four corners of Italy. Below you will find all the details of what I did after my Rome visit.

Day 7: Explore Orvieto and Civita

Orvieto is my favorite place in Italy, call this absurd but I have a special attachment to landscapes and silence. I wanted to add an offbeat destination in my itinerary to make Italy even more special for myself.

From Orvieto, I even went ahead to visit Civita. And I am glad I did, to move away from the crowded streets to a few offbeat sleepy towns was a welcome change. Orvieto is located in the Umbria region of Italy and is situated on the summit of a large, flat hill made of volcanic ash rock. While Orvieto is so unique, seeing Civita felt like seeing a castle floating mid-air and if you are in Orvieto, without a doubt you can not miss on Civita.

How to Reach Orvieto and Civita From Rome

Orvieto: There are both regional as well as Intercity trains from Rome with a difference of just 10 minutes. So Intercity does not make much sense, knowing that it is priced slightly higher.

The first train starts at 6 AM and the last one is at 11:55 PM from Roma Termina. Further, it takes about an hour to reach Orvieto from Rome.

For more usage of the train application, check out our guide – Italy Travel Guide

Civita: Reaching Civita is easy. There are regular buses from Piazza della Pace (at the lower level of the Orvieto train station) every two hours. It will drop you at Bagnoregio from where you can walk through the romantic lanes to reach Civita.

Bus Timetable – Orvieto to Civita 

Orvieto to Bagnoregio
Leave Orvieto 6:20 7:25 7:50 12:45 14:00 15:45 17:40 18:20
Arrive Bagnoregio 7:15 8:10 8:40 13:40 14:45 16:35 18:53 19:22
Bagnoregio to Orvieto
Leave Bagnoregio 5:30 6:35 7:00 9:55 10:10 13:00 13:35 14:40 17:25
Arrive Orvieto 6:15 7:15 7:45 10:45 11:15 13:45 14:25 15:20 18:20

Accommodation in Orvieto 

Finding a hotel for yourself in Orvieto is not difficult. The number of hostels is next to none here. So you would have to book a hotel or B&Bs as per your price range.

Mid-range HotelHotel Posta, Casa Piagge, Charming Apartment, La Collina

LuxuryPodere Pescara, Appartamento LaRosa, Orvieto Aroma

Two Weeks in Italy
Vintage Towns/Streets of Civita

Looking to add some offbeat locations in your Italy Itinerary? Then, read about these 5 lesser explored gems of Italy.

Day 8: Skydiving in Nettuno

I went to Nettuno which is near Rome for skydiving. IT WAS AMAZING!! From witnessing an amazing landscape to meeting exceptionally friendly divers, the entire experience was surreal.

  • Address: Strada Ponte Materiale, All’interno del Club Le Grugnole, 00048 Nettuno RM, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 06 9885 0024
  • Website: Crazy Fly
  • Opening Days: Every Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9:00 AM onwards
  • Cost: 210 EUR for tandem jump, 230 EUR for tandem jump + videos

How to Reach Nettuno From Rome

There are direct trains between Rome and Nettuno that takes about an hour to reach. Once in Nettuno, you can either take a taxi that would cost 20-35 EUR or arrange a pickup for yourself by contacting Crazy Fly.

But do remember that this pickup service needs to be booked in advance. So contact them a couple of days before.

Day 9, 10 and 11: Sicily

The largest island of the Mediterranean Sea with a unique culture of its own, Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy. It is separated by the Strait of Messina which is roughly 3 KMs long.

Places to Visit

There’s so much to see in Sicily that a trip won’t be enough to cover it all. One can spend months over here. Below are few of the must-see places in Sicily if you are here for a shorter duration. This is also what all I managed to see in 3 days comfortably. 🙂

  • Mount Etna – Explore Italy’s tallest and active volcanic mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is a bus that drops you off till the foot of the mountain from where you can either hike or take a cable car
  • Isola Bella – Explore a small island in Taormina Isola Bella which is also known as The Pearl of the Ionian Sea. It was private property until 1990 and is now a nature reserve
  • Taormina – This town is one of the prominent attraction of Italy and is perched on a hill 250 m above the sea. It has several monuments and historical beauties as the Greek Theatre, concerts and cultural activities
Two Weeks in Italy
Two Weeks in Italy
Mount Etna – active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily

How to Reach Sicily From Rome


Air One and Alitalia both offer frequent and fairly cheap flights between Rome and Sicily. If you do bookings well in advance then flights could be the best possible commute between the two. Do ensure to check the luggage limits well in advance as European flights are way strict with this system.

You can also check which is our favorite as this website gives you the cheapest option in which you can travel as whereas aggregates the fare of various airlines. In fact, through Kiwi, you can also search for a destination from a couple of different destinations. You can choose as many outbound and inbound airports as you like.

Looking for cheap flights. Check out – For Best Price - Book Cheap Flights!

However, I would still like to go via train and below is the reason why –


I will definitely recommend this even though it is time-consuming. The train is transported on a ferry across the Straits of Messina and later it continues on the rail tracks in Sicily.

There are direct air-conditioned Intercity trains and takes about 11.5 hours of the journey. Further, while the train is on the ferry you can get down and head up on deck to enjoy the views of Sicily.

Further, it also saves on a night’s accommodation as well. It is a win-win, to cover the distance while sleeping which will save both time and money, plus it is a unique journey in itself.

Ferry Bookings – You can easily book your ferries on Bookaway

Accommodation in Sicily

I would suggest you stay in the Taormina area of Sicily as it will give you access to Catania as well Messia because Taormina lies in the center of it

Backpacker HostelLe Coccole,  SIC rooms and bed

Mid-range HotelMara’s Home, Calumidda, Dimora Umberto Apartment

LuxuryRomano Palace Luxury Hotel, Le Suites del Duca di Sarro, Hotel VdB NEXT, Teatro Massimo

Day 12: Venice

Venice lies in the North Eastern region of Italy and is home to 450 bridges and 120 islands. While planning a trip to Venice, you should not miss out on the gondola ride, Basilisca San Maro, and the Doge’s Palace. There’s something extremely romantic about Venice, plus there is so much history and culture here.

2 Weeks in Italy
Canals of Venice

How to Reach Venice From Sicily

Flight is the only option for this one and the most recommended one as well. Marco Polo Airport is the nearest and the only airport in Venice. You can also check flights till Valerio Catullo Airport, an airport in Verona which is an hour away from Venice. From here you can take a train for your onward journey.

You can also check which is our favorite as this website gives you the cheapest option in which you can travel as whereas aggregates the fare of various airlines. In fact, through Kiwi, you can also search for a destination from a couple of different destinations. You can choose as many outbound and inbound airports as you like.

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Accommodation in Venice

B&B or Guest HouseVenice Luxury, Ca’ Spezier, Ca’ Crea 1 

LuxurySina Centurion Palace overlooks the grand canal and offers 5-star luxury in Venice.

If you are curious about how to spend a day in Venice, read this guide here – Venice in One Day

2 Weeks in Italy

Day 13 and 14: Dolomiti

Dolomiti are just gorgeous!! I had the pleasure to visit Santa Maddalena Val di Funes and 3 Zinnen. The Dolomites are huge and there is a lot to see. And if you are a hiking enthusiast, then you are in luck because there are several day hikes to do in the Dolomites.

Below, I will list down the places I visited which you should too, along with the transportation facility here in Dolomiti.

How to Reach Dolomiti From Venice

Most tourists explore Dolomiti in their own private vehicles. Since I was backpacking as a solo traveler, the only option I had was to figure out the local commute. Below, I will tell the routes and how you can reach these places as well.

Venice to Bolzano: Take a train from Venice. You will have to change at Verona and catch another one till Trento. Trento is start of the Alps region. However, if you want to visit Santa Maddalena Val di Funes take a train till Bolzano instead

Bolzano to Santa Maddalena Val di Funes: From Bolzano take a bus 301 till San Pietro Mezzomonte from where you will find a bus with line 304 to Val di Funes. To check the timings of the buses with price click here – link

Santa Maddalena Val di Funes to Toblach: Next you need to reach Toblach if you want to explore Tre Cime. To reach here, again take a line 304 that will drop you off directly till Toblach

Toblach to Tre Cime di Lavaredo: There are many buses from Toblach to Tre Cime. The bus will take you to the foot of the hike from where you would have to trek for an hour to reach this beautiful place. You can find the detailed timings of the buses here – link

2 Weeks in Italy

Rental Options

If you want drive around then you can rent cars as well. One of the services that we use and love is by Rentalcars.

All you would need is a credit or a debit card to book it and show the voucher while picking it up.

Accommodation in Dolomiti

Now, I also suggested these places – Bolzano and Toblach, because you will also find Youth Hostels over here. They have one of the best services despite being a hostel. I will strongly recommend you to try these hostels because they are not only a cheaper available option but also provide a comfortable stay.

Below are the details –

  • Bolzano: Rittnerstr. 23 Via Renon, I-39100 Bolzano, Phone: +39 0471 300 865
  • Toblach: Dolomitenstr. 29 Via Dolomiten, I-39034, Toblach, Phone: +39 0474 976 216

2 Weeks in Italy
Tre Cime di Lavaredo
2 Weeks in Italy
Lago di Braies

The Map I Followed

I was so excited to write this blog. Italy is my favorite country and I am sure it will be yours too. Let me know if this blog helped you in the comments below and ask any queries. I love answering questions 🙂

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Hi nomllers.. kudos to you both for penning everything down on Italy and creating this marvellous post.. will definitely be helpful for my planned visit around October. Cheers to your spirit 🙌

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Reply to  Ritesh

Hi Ritesh, Glad it is helpful 🙂

Even I went there in October and it is indeed the best time to be there in that month. Have loads of fun!!

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Don’t have a website though but you can check my Instagram account where I have just started updating pics.

ID – travel_atey_myst..

5 years ago

Really great itineraries. I’m hoping to do a big Italy trip in the next year or two (with my family- not solo) and these maps and itineraries helped me get a really good idea of the distances between places and the best modes of transportation!!

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this is such a comprehensive post! we’ve been to Italy countless times and offer personalized itineraries there, but still found inspiration here!

Family on Standby ✈️ (@familyonstandby)

This is fantastic work. It’s been years since we’ve visited Italy and reading this has made me want to go tomorrow.


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adnan khan
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yesterday ive visited there such a great place have lot of fun there nice share dude