Rajgundha Trek: An Amazing 2-Day Trek From Bir Billing (Updated 2020)

Rajgundha Trek

Picture this: You are surrounded by the Dhauladhar Mountain ranges on both your sides while having a clear sky above you to look at. And amidst the countless stars, you see Milky Way as clear as day. It feels like if you would just stretch out your hand a little higher, you could almost touch it. That’s what you witness on the Rajgundha trek!

Never heard about this trek before? Thank god for that because otherwise, it would suffer the same fate as countless other treks in Himachal Pradesh like Kheerganga, Triund, and so on.

Rajgundha trek will make you feel like you are in a fairytale and will offer you the most enchanting mountain views. In this post, I have jotted down everything that you need to know to plan a trip to this paradise!

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About Rajgundha Valley

A small village lying between the Dhauladhar Ranges, Rajgundha Valley is not connected by any roads. This is why the Rajgundha trek is quite popular among the locals and is the perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. A village full of life and energy, people in Rajgundha follow the old ways of living and believe in self-sustenance.

Referred often along with its twin village, Kukkar Gundha, Rajgundha village has a beautiful environment. Situated at a height of approximately 8900 ft, this village is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and witnesses beautiful sunsets and sunrises every day.

There are a couple of villages in the Rajgundha valley which are connected to each other which can only be reached via walking or by hiring a mule.


Rajgundha Trek, Himachal Pradesh
Rajgundha Valley, Himachal Pradesh


As I said earlier, the way of living in Rajgundha valley is quite simple. The primary occupation of villagers here is farming and they sell the produce in the markets of the popular Himachali towns. They also use the same product to prepare their own meals which results in a healthy diet.

In my 3-days stay at this haven, I had freshly cut vegetables and pulses and it was just exquisite. From rajma to cabbage to potato, you will find everything fresh and highly nutritious over here. The villagers stay here throughout the year, except for the winters when it starts snowing here. Since they own old traditional houses made up of mud and stone, they have to leave for the lower villages to escape the cold.


Rajgundha Village, Himachal Pradesh
Rajgundha Village


But once the winter ends and the snow melts, they come back to grow their crops and start with their lives here.

One of the reasons why I loved the Rajgundha trek is because of the clear air and sky. Since there aren’t any roads here, there isn’t any cause of pollution. In fact, after spending a couple of days here, you would literally feel the difference in your body and mind. That is the magic of staying in Rajgundha and just one of the reasons why I am in love with this place.


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How to Reach Rajgundha Valley

Now, I am sure you must be thinking that all of this is fine how to reach Rajgundha valley. Well, as I explained above, there are no roads connecting Rajgundha village to other places.

So, you need to trek to Rajgundha to reach here. There are two starting points for the Rajgundha trek: Billing Paragliding site and Barot valley.


Rajgundha Trek
Rajgundha Trek


But in order to start trekking, you need to reach Billing or Barot first.


How to Reach Bir Billing (From Delhi)

Since Billing is a popular paragliding spot in India and is located close to Dharamshala, there are several transportation options available on this route. Here are a few transportation options that you can choose from while planning a trip here.



The closest airport to Billing is the Kangra Airport in Dharamshala, at a distance of 67 km. So, you can take a flight to Kangra and then get a taxi or bus to reach Billing and start your Rajgundha trek from here. However, this can be a little costly option and there will be limited flights to Dharamshala so, check this option well in advance.


Looking for cheap flights. Check out Kiwi.com – For Best Price

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The closest railway station to Bir Billing is the Pathankot Junction which is around 142 km away. You get several trains to Pathankot from most major cities in India. A general ticket from Delhi to Pathankot will cost you about 175 INR

After taking the train to Pathankot, you have several travel options for reaching Bir Billing.


Toy Train + Bus/Taxi

If you are looking for the cheapest mode of option and have some time at your hand, then this is the perfect means of transportation for you.

After reaching Pathankot, take the toy train till Baijnath station and it won’t cost you more than 50 INR. From Baijnath, you can get a taxi till Bir for 250 INR or you can wait for a bus. There is a local bus Anurag which leaves every half an hour and will cost you about 20-30 INR. It will leave you at the Chougan junction from where you will need to walk a km or 2.

Note: Toy Train takes 6-7 hours to cover the distance from Pathankot to Baijnath.


Bus + Bus/Taxi

If you don’t have the patience to sit for 7 hours on a toy train then you can take a bus from Pathankot instead. There are several local buses leaving for Baijnath from there which will cost about 150 INR and take 3-4 hours to reach.

From Baijnath, you can take a taxi or wait for the bus.


Private Taxi

If you are traveling in a group then you can also take a taxi from Pathankot to Bir which will cost you about 3000 – 3500 INR and will take 2-3 hours to reach.



The road to Bir Billing is quite decent and is connected to several major cities like Palampur, Dharamshala, etc. You will easily find public or private road transportation options to cover this route.


Volvo Buses

From Delhi, there are a few direct Volvo Buses which will drop you at the Tibetan colony or Chougan village.

You will get HRTC Volvo Buses which cost around 1500 INR and a few private Volvo Buses from Northern Travels, Laxmi, etc. which will cost around 900 – 1200 INR. These buses take 11 – 13 hours to reach and can be booked from the Redbus app. Click on this Bookaway link to book a bus from Delhi to Bir Billing.


Ordinary HRTC Bus + Taxi/Bus

A simpler and budget-friendly option would be to take a direct HRTC bus to Baijnath which will cost approximately 650 – 700 INR and then take a local bus to Chougan.

In case you don’t get a local bus, you can always get on a bus going to Jogindernagar or Mandi and then get down at the Bir exit on the highway.


Private Vehicle or Taxi

If you have your own car then you can drive it till Bir Billing, the roads are decent for driving and it will take you about 10 hours to reach. You can also get a taxi from Delhi to Bir but it will cost you a bomb so choose carefully.




Bir Billing to Rajgundha Valley

After you reach Bir, you can head to Billing which is around 14 km and takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes in a car. If you have your own car, then you can simply take it to the Billing site and park it there. There will be a parking fee but it should be safe mostly.

Another option would be to hire a cab for this journey which can cost you anywhere between 600 – 1000 INR. If you are traveling in a group, then this won’t turn out to be a lot and you will end up paying 150 – 200 INR at the most. But if you are traveling solo, then you need to find other travelers heading for the same trek.

Once you reach the Billing take-off site, the Rajgundha trek will start.


Bada Graan Village
Bada Graan Village


How to Reach Barot in Himachal

If you are planning to start the trek from Barot village, then here is what you will need to do.

First, you will need to reach Barot which can be done via bus, cab, or a private vehicle. You can find more information on how to reach Barot in our Barot Guide.

After reaching Barot, you will need to take a taxi to reach Bada Graan village which is around 20 km. The taxi will cost you around 800 INR for the full cab. If there are a few others, then you can even persuade the taxi driver to take you on a shared basis.

It will take you around 40-50 minutes to reach the BadaGraan village from where your trek will finally start.


Best Time for the Rajgundha Valley Trek

Ideally, you can go on the Rajgundha trek throughout the year except for the monsoons. Here is a detailed breakdown of what to expect in each season.


Rajgundha Trek in Summer Season (March – June)

If you want to escape the heat and the humidity in the summer season, then Rajgundha trek is perfect for this season. Since this valley experiences a cool temperature throughout the year, you would definitely get a respite from the summer heat.

Also, the fresh crisp air could do wonders for your mind and body. Plus, if you still feel hot, then you can always hike to the riverside and spend a better part of your day here.

During this time, you could also enjoy paragliding from Billing. And there are a few other treks like the Thamsar Pass trek, Palachak trek, etc. which you can go for here.


Rajgundha Trek in Monsoon Season (July – September)

As I said before, the monsoon is not an ideal time for the Rajgundha trek. This is because often the bridge over the Uhl river collapses due to heavy rainfall or the roads are closed due to landslides.

So, it is not safe to trek during this time. If you really wish to enjoy the Rajgundha trek, plan a trip post-monsoon here.


Rajgundha Trek in Winter Season (October – February)

In my opinion, October to December is the best time to experience Rajgundha trek. During this time, it is not raining anymore and the whole valley is bursting with color. Plus, it is also cooler but not so much that you cannot bear it.

And if you are lucky then you can also experience the Rajgundha trek when it is snowing here which is equally magical, if not more. However, you would need proper winter clothing and gears if you plan to trek during the snow time.


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Rajgundha Trek from Barot
Rajgundha Trek from Barot


ATMs on Rajgundha Trek

This is a simple one.

There is no ATM in Rajgundha Valley or on the trek route itself. The nearest ATM is around 30 km away in Bir or Barot. So, carry enough cash and a little surplus on the Rajgundha trek.


Mobile Network on Rajgundha Trek

You will get only Airtel and JIO network on the Rajgundha trek and even that is intermittent sometimes. If you have a sim of Idea, Vodafone, etc., then you can completely forget about the signal for the next couple of days.

And if it is raining, then even Airtel and JIO signal will stop working. Think of going to Rajgundha Valley as a way to get yourself a Social Media Detox.

Note: There is a co-working hostel here that offers WiFi services. So, you can stay here for a couple of weeks. But if it rains or snows, the signal is likely to get weak.


Rajgundha Trekking Routes

Here is everything that you need to know about the trekking routes to Rajgundha Valley.


Billing to Rajgundha Valley Trek

As I said before, one of the routes for the Rajgundha trek starts from the Billing site, near the Paragliding takeoff point. It is a 14 km trek from Billing which takes around 5-6 hours to complete. So, make sure you start by the latest at 10-11 a.m. if you want to reach the valley before the sunsets.

Once you start from Billing, you will come across a couple of food stalls and then a sitting area. This is the actual beginning of the Rajgundha trek. From here, a trail goes straight as you can see in the below picture.


Rajgundha Trek from Billing
Rajgundha Trek from Billing


Climb uphill on this trail and after around 5 minutes, you will reach the second takeoff site of Billing. From here, very few people take off for paragliding and are usually practicing how to run during the take-off. After this, it is another 5-minute climb and you will be surrounded by the colorful prayer flags.

From here, you can also watch a few houses which are below and can still watch paragliders from afar.

Once you cross the prayer flag part, it is a walk through a narrow trail, in between the trees. Then, you have a steep ascent of 5 minutes before you reach a broken road. After this, Rajgundha trek is a pretty much straight walk without any ascents or descents.


You will pass through green forests which are mostly made up of oak trees, rhododendron trees, and deodar trees. And on the way, you will also cross the highest point of the trek –  Channa ghat  (2700 mt). From here, you will be able to see both Rajgundha valley and Kangra valley.



When you are halfway through the Rajgundha trek, you will come across a small dhaba where you can get some food for yourself. If you are carrying your own lunch, then this is a good place to stop and eat. And if you haven’t packed anything, then you can have some Maggi, biscuits, etc. here.

It will take you around 3 hours to reach this dhaba after which it is only 5 km to the village. From the dhaba, it will take you another 1.5-2 hours to complete the Rajgundha trek and there might be a few tricky moments as this pathway is usually damaged after the monsoons due to the landslides.

On the way, you will also see the famous elephant tree here. Once you clear away from the woods, you will notice a valley on your right side. That is when you know that you have almost completed the Rajgundha trek and that village is just another 3-4 turns away.


Barot to Rajgundha Trek

A shorter but more adventurous route to reach Rajgundha is from the Barot side. Once you reach the Bada Graan village, it is around 6.5 km to the Rajgundha village. Usually, it takes around 2-3 hours to complete the Rajgundha trek from this side as there are a lot of ascents and descents on this path.

And if it has been raining, then the track will be slightly muddy and you will have to be careful to not fall down. Once you start the Rajgundha trek, it will take you around 5-10 minutes to cross the entire village. After that, you will be walking alongside the cabbage fields which are in abundance here.

After about 30 minutes of trekking, you will have your first look at the Rajgundha village as shown in the below image. But remember, there is still more than half trek left as you have to reach the village on the other side.


Rajgundha Trek View from Barot Side
Rajgundha Trek View from Barot Side


After around an hour of walking, you will come across a slight descent which will take you to the Uhl River. There is a small bridge here which you would need to cross in order to reach the Rajgundha village.

Once you have crossed the river, it is a steep ascent for the next 15-25 minutes so be careful. Also, avoid touching the plants here as they can spike you and then itch for a long time. When you have completed the ascent, you just need to walk to the left side of the road for about another 30 minutes.

You will see the valley in front of you and small traditional houses on the left side.

Congrats! You have finally completed the Rajgundha Trek.


Solo-Trekking Vs Hiring a Trek Guide

Now, an important question to ask is if you should be doing the Rajgundha trek alone or not. Well, if you are coming from the Barot side, there is no need to get a guide as the path is short and there are so many villagers on the way.

However, if you are planning to start the Rajgundha trek from Billing then I would advise you to not do it solo or alone. Do take a local guide with you as there are many wild animals in this part. So, if you were to face an animal unexpectedly, a local would know what to do better than you.



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Things to Do in and Around Rajgundha Valley

From trekking to fishing, there are many things to do in Rajgundha valley.


Watch the Beautiful Night Sky Here

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. The night sky in Rajgundha is to die for. The entire sky is lit up with stars at night and you actually get a chance to have a clear look at the amazing Milky Way.

And if you are lucky then you might even see a planet or two from here. A paradise for astrophotography lovers, Rajgundha offers an unfiltered, beautiful night sky to the stargazers.


Head to Chhota Manali in Rajgundha Valley

Have you ever been to Manali? Do you remember the forest enclosures comprising of pine trees over there?

Well, Rajgundha has its own small enclosure of pine trees which is popularly known as Chhota Manali over here. So, if you are feeling bored or want to read in the shade of the pine trees, then take a walk to this small pine tree section.

Trust me, the minute you reach, you will smell the glorious smell of pine tree leaves and will have a hard time heading back to your guesthouse.


Walk Around and Enjoy the Views

Honestly, it is one of the simplest but most enjoyable things to do in Rajgundha Valley. Just pick up a direction and walk and meet new people on the way. The entire village is located at such a promising location that you would never get bored of the amazing views.



And the sunset and sunrise views are especially mesmerizing from inside the valley. So, make sure that you just go for a stroll and enjoy the clear sky views while being surrounded by the mighty Dhauladhar ranges.


Enjoy and Wet your Feet in the Cold River Water

One of the best things about Rajgundha is that the Uhl River is just a 10-minute hike from this place. So, you can easily climb down to spend some time beside the river with a book. And just dip your feet in the cold, freshwater to refresh yourself.

The water tends to be cold so don’t overdo it. And if you think you can take it, then you can also take a bath in one of the river pools which are shallow and won’t be dangerous for you to wade in.


Be careful when you are beside the river because sudden current can wash you away from the shore. If you see that it is likely to rain, then head back immediately to your guesthouse.


Experience Paragliding from the Billing Site

Another exciting thing to do when you go for the Rajgundha trek is to paraglide back to Bir from the Billing site. This way, you get amazing trekking and paragliding experience together. And it would cost you barely 2000 INR for paragliding from here since you won’t need the transport.

Trust me, paragliding in Bir Billing is amazing and offers such beautiful views that you won’t get anywhere in all over India!


View from Billing on Rajgundha Trek
View from Billing on Rajgundha Trek


Go For Short Nearby Hikes

As I mentioned earlier, there are several short hikes and treks that you can do from Rajgundha. There is the famous Thamsar Pass trek or the Palachak trek which can be done in a single day from this village.

You can also camp at these points and then return back to Rajgundha the next day for a more wholesome experience. Apart from that, there are many other nearby hikes which will take you to amazing viewpoints. Just ask the villagers for the direction and explore the hell out of this valley.


Enjoy Fishing in the Barot Valley

Another exciting thing to do around Rajgundha Valley could be trout fishing in Barot Village. You can get a license for fishing for 100 INR and can head to one of the trout fish farms here to experience the same.

If fishing is not your cup of tea, then make sure you at least try the trout fish dish in Barot. They cook freshly caught trout fish which is extremely delicious.


Barot Valley
Barot Valley


Where to Stay in Rajgundha Valley

In terms of staying, there are a couple of options available in Rajgundha.



There are a couple of guesthouses where you can stay for the night for 500 – 1000 INR per room. The rooms are quite clean and cozy and they also provide you with a blanket so that you don’t feel cold at night.

You can also order meals from the same guesthouses for an additional 100-200 INR per meal. The meal will be cooked with freshly cut vegetables and will be simple yet delicious.


Coworking Hostel in Rajgundha
Ishaant Guest House in Rajgundha



Apart from the guesthouses, there are a couple of campsites also available here. So, you can book a tent for your stay and enjoy sleeping beneath the starry sky. The tents will also cost somewhere around 500 – 800 per tent and will include a sleeping bag, mattress, etc.


Take Your Own Tent

Finally, you also have the option of taking your own tent on the Rajgundha trek and camp in the valley. But make sure that you camp in a fenced area because jackals are a common sight here at night. So, ask a guesthouse or a camping site to let you pitch your tent with them. They might charge you 200-300 INR for the same but at least, you will be safer.




Food Options in Rajgundha Valley

There aren’t many food options in Rajgundha so you have only some basics available. If you want biscuits, cup noodles, or other stuff, you better carry it yourself.

Sure, there is a small shop here but they have very basic stuff to sell like a few chocolates, biscuits, etc. As for food, there are a couple of guesthouses here that offer food service and charge you around 150 – 300 for a meal. The food is usually delicious and is cooked with fresh vegetables so you will definitely love it.


Rajma Khichdi, Rajgundha Speciality
Rajma Khichdi, Rajgundha Speciality


Personally, I loved the Rajma Khichdi which they used to prepare here. It was delicious and filling and really good for your health as well. They grow their own rajma, cabbage, etc. so it was all pesticide-free as well.


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Things to Carry on Rajgundha Trek



If you are planning to stay even for a single night in Rajgundha, then you need a good rucksack. It should be durable and comfortable and make sure it includes a rain cover as well. Personally, I suggest:

Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack


Day Pack

Once you reach your campsite, you will need a small day pack for the day hikes and stuff.

Quechua Daypack (20 Ltr)


Clothing for Rajgunda Trek

Warm Clothes

It can become very cold in the evening and night, so make sure you carry warm clothing. And if you are trekking during the wintertime, you will have to be extra careful. Make sure you carry with you a pair of warm socks, a jacket, gloves, and mufflers.



Make sure you cover your neck properly during the winters with a muffler.



During the winter season, you can carry a pair of woolen gloves. But if you are trekking during snow, then make sure you get synthetic gloves instead.

Puma Synthetic Gloves



Carry a pair of merino wool socks during the winters as they are very warm. And, make sure you use two of them to layer your feet during the night time when the temperature drops significantly.


Additional Things to Carry on Rajgundha Trek

Good Hiking Shoes

Take a good pair of hiking shoes which will protect you during winters as well. Make sure they are high ankle shoes and are waterproof too.

Quechua Hiking Boots


Water Bottle

You won’t find any shops on the Rajgundha trek so make sure you carry a water bottle with you. There will be a couple of waterfalls on the Barot-side where you can fill your bottle. Mostly, the water is fresh and clean but if you aren’t sure, you can purchase a Steri Pen or a Purifying bottle.

LifeStraw Reusable Filter Water Bottle



If you are planning to do the Rajgundha trek during the winter, do carry a raincoat or a poncho with you.

Rockport Poncho


Snacks and Energy Drinks

Since there is only 1 food stall on the Rajgundha trek route from Billing and none from the Bada Graan village side, make sure you carry some snacks. You can also carry a lunch if you are planning to trek slowly to the village.



  • Tissue Papers
  • Brush/Paste
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturiser/Lip Balm
  • Sanitizer


Camping Equipment

If you are planning to camp there, then make sure you carry the camping equipment.



One of the most important things to carry is a good tent which will protect you from wind and cold. And don’t forget to choose one which is sturdy and durable.

AmazonBasics Tent


Sleeping Bag

Another important thing to carry with you is a good, durable sleeping bag which will keep you warm throughout the night. Do make sure that it is suitable for the lowest temperature of Rajgundha before you buy it.

Coleman Atlantic Lite Sleeping Bag


Sleeping Mattress

If you want to sleep comfortably, then you would also need a sleeping mattress for your tent. It will not only offer comfort but will also provide padding and more insulation.


Tent Rain Cover

Finally, do make sure that you carry a rain cover for your tent if you won’t want to end up cold and shivering the morning. It might rain or snow during the night and a rain cover will be your best chance against getting wet.





Honestly, I have never been much of a mountain person in my life. But Rajgundha is one of the few places which made me fall in love with the mountains. Waking up early to watch the sunrise and then enjoying the cold, fresh mountain air. It literally felt like a dream to me.

But my favorite moment of my stay here was when I saw the Milky Way Galaxy and Mars with the naked eyes. Yes, you heard me right! You can actually see them both quite clearly from here.

And the food, how I miss the Rajma Khichdi! So, if you love to be surrounded by nature and need a short break from your fast-paced life, then you should definitely go on the Rajgundha trek.


Did you like our guide on Rajgundha Trek? If yes, then do let us know in the comments!

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Dhruv Maniktala
Dhruv Maniktala
5 years ago

Loved reading your experience to Rajgundha valley. I’m myself planning to go to Bir Billing and now thinking to include Rajgundha in the itinerary. Thanks for the blog 🙂

5 years ago

Hi Dhruv,

Glad that you liked the article! 🙂 Do let me know how was your trip to Rajgundha once you come back! 😀

Dhruv Maniktala
Dhruv Maniktala
5 years ago
Reply to  nomllers

I returned from rajgundha on 7th may and it was a beautiful experience. As you wrote in your article, I got to see the Milky Way galaxy and was able to capture a time lapse of it. 🙂 😀

5 years ago

Hi Dhruv,

I am so glad you had an amazing experience in Rajgundha. It is one of the places close to my heart and I can just imagine how amazing the night sky must have been. Do share the time lapse if you can. 🙂

5 years ago

Superb post, everything you have written in a detailed way.

5 years ago
Reply to  Pamela

Thanks a lot Pamela!!! 😀

Tales Of The Hidden Trails

Such a well detailed yet comprehensive post! Thanks for sharing! could you suggest any budget homestay in Barot as well?

5 years ago

Thank you so much! 🙂

You can find information about Barot stays in this article: https://www.nomllers.com/barot-winch-camp/

Let us know if you need more help. 🙂

pooja Singh
pooja Singh
4 years ago

you have pen down your experience so well that it felt i am at Rajgundha right now at this moment . I was living there through your experience. We are planing to visit barot and bir in 2nd week of September but now looking forward to add rajgundha too in our list. could you Please help me out in planning for 3 days including barot, rajgundha and bir? where should i go first and is it safe at that time to trek ? As we are planning a trek to rajgundha from barot?

Thanks in advance

4 years ago
Reply to  pooja Singh

Hi Pooja,

You can go to Barot first, trek to Rajgundha. From there, trek to Billing site and come to Bir via paragliding if that interests you. Let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂

Ashish Clifford
Ashish Clifford
3 years ago
Reply to  nomllers

So what do we do with our luggage if we paraglide to bir

4 years ago

Wonderful experience , recently i have visited Rajgundha valley.Loved reading your post.

4 years ago
Reply to  Manidhar

Hi Manidhar,

So glad to know that you had an amazing experience here too! 🙂

Abhishek Juneja
Abhishek Juneja
4 years ago

Hi, I must say the article above is really outstanding. You have covered each and every aspect of the trek. But sorry I would like to point out few things based on my experience of Rajgundha Trek. I would not recommend to visit Rajgundha in winters because even villagers move to other lower villages due to heavy snow. And there is only one shop for the refreshments (Do not forget to listen melodious voice of shop owner) if you are going from Billing site. Further, do not carry heavy backpacks. And for the better network coverage,take BSNL sim along. If… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi, Can I visit the place via barot on Christmas week. I have a 6 years old daughter and my wife will be accompanying me. Any contact numbers would you like to share for accommodation? I will be travelling by my car.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

Hello Sandy,
I actually went to Rajgundha with Zostel so you can check up with them. During Christmas time, it will be covered with snow so it might be tricky to get here on your own.

4 years ago

Thanks a lot dear. Thanks for providing all the information in a single page. We are planning a trip on coming 26th Dec. This is the first time I have seen someone explaining thoroughly and clearly. Now we know everything about where we are going and what to expect. God bless you.

4 years ago
Reply to  Inderjeet

Thank you so much Inderjeet, glad you liked the blog. I hope you have an amazing time here. 🙂

4 years ago


Very informative. Am planning atrip for 8 days during Jan 2020 with my friend. Do you have any specific recommendation on the clothes / attire for this season and destination

4 years ago
Reply to  Prasad

Well, it is completely snowy right now so do take waterproof clothes with you and wear multiple layers. Also, put plastic or some on your shoes else they would become wet in the snow.

4 years ago

Hey ! Was planning to trek to rajgundha . I was planning to go without a guide from billing side.
needed to know more about the stay options available and where to find them.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ann

Hello Ann,

Most of the stay options will be small guest houses or campsites. You won’t find them available online but you will find them once you reach Rajgundha. Alternatively, you can check up with Zostel as well as they have a property there too.

Shagun Sharma
Shagun Sharma
4 years ago

Nic article

Gs bedi
Gs bedi
2 years ago

Wonderful , excellently explained, nothing is left